Sad, stressful day

We’ve had a really stressful and sad day here.  Not sure if it needs a content warning but we have a very sick puppy — so if you’re sensitive to that sort of stuff, might want to skip this post.

Here’s a picture of the cutie pie from yesterday before I get to the content:


The spunky little pup started vomiting last night.  It was late but I happened to be up and caught it.  Woke up hubs and he said he saw Sprocket eat something on his night walk…so we were thinking maybe it just didn’t settle right and things would get better.

He kept vomiting for three hours, about every twenty to thirty minutes.  No blood, just foamy, mucus type of puke.  He was understandably exhausted and passed out hard around 3 this morning.  Breathing was normal, he was still responsive and mobile, just tired.

He had normal stool and pees for me.  Lots of pee.  That puppy never stops peeing!  But it was the right colors and consistencies.  Puppy was also still agreeable to drinking but didn’t want food.

…but I knew something was wrong. I’d been worried about it all night when I was staying up with him and even have a screenshot about it from a conversation with a dear friend as he was getting up for work and I was going to sleep.  Friend is the person that keeps me as sane as possible most days and had asked for updates on the puppo.


When I had to crash and go to bed, hubs moved downstairs and slept on the couch with the puppy just in case. When he took the dogs on their first walk this morning, he noted little guy had diarrhea. He brought him back inside and thought he was still just sleepy from the tough night.

Puppy was downright lethargic. He’d lift his head if you said his name but just kept wanting to go back to the couch to flop down.  He was a ball of energy up until his first puke so you can imagine, combined with the other symptoms, my alarm bells were SCREAMING.

Took Sprocket to the nearest vet that was open today and lo, sometimes I hate it when I’m right. The chonky nugget tested positive for parvovirus.

“Mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases.”

The hospital there started reacting like they had an ebola patient — full plastic suits to transport him to an isolation ward, a special nurse that couldn’t interact with other dogs, etc.  There’s nothing that can actually be done to treat parvo, it’s very much treat the symptoms and keep them hydrated and hope they don’t go into shock or septic.

Estimated hospital bill?  SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.

At least they thanked me for being proactive and carrying the puppy and keeping him away from other dogs, furniture, etc.  I’m a biology major and the queen of washing my hands until they’re red and chapped (like they are now after hours of catching puke), if I can do anything, it’s keeping contaminants contained.

Hubs called the SPCA we adopted the dog from to let them know he had parvo — incubation periods indicate that he caught it in their care and was incubating it when we adopted him.  We just wanted them to know so they could let the other adopted babies’ families know to keep a watch out.  But, honestly, they were amazing.

They said if we could get Sprocket to them, they’d take him to their emergency hospital and comp all of the care for him.  We’d still have to pay the crazy bill from the visit this morning to the other place ($500, so way better than $6000!) but we were fine with that — they’d figured out what was wrong and got the puppy some antiemetics, stuff to protect his stomach and intestines, IV with fluids and some glucose to replace what he’d lost, etc. It was a start.

So we turned into a little ambulance and drove him the hour north to the SPCA where somebody was waiting on us to transport him to the hospital.  We won’t really know much for the next 72 hours but they said they’d update us if things changed. It’s very much a watch and wait and hope he’s spunky enough to make it through this ordeal.

Hubs got to hold his little buddy on the way up and cried the entire trip.  He’s going to be a mess if Sprocket doesn’t pull through.

It’s going to be a miserable three days of waiting.


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