Package delivery

I’m way too excited to receive mail.  Always have been.  I blame it on my great-great-aunt Minnie who would tape a whole pack of gum in a card and send it to me when I was little. She probably spent more on postage than the gum was worth but boy did it make for one excited kid.

Today was YARN DAY!!!

/happy dance

I finally got my yarn for Arachne.  I ended up ordering three shades of green because I didn’t know what would go best with the purple main color…and I’m glad I did.  The one I would’ve chosen online looked washed out and sad next to it. Ended up picking avocado to go with the eggplant.


I still have no earthly idea when I’ll cast on but it’s here and it’s ready.

Honestly, I’ve not been doing much but playing World of Warcraft Classic. I haven’t felt motivated to do anything, especially if it sounds remotely productive.

I am excited to start learning to needle turn for a baby quilt I’m making but I’ve found I hate tracing shapes onto butcher paper or fusible for it so I keep stretching out the project.  Bleh.  I’ll get there some day.