Update on puppers

Good news!

The vet took Sprocket off of the IV today and started him on oral medications!

We were warned that pups sometime develop refeeding syndrome when they’ve been that sick but that didn’t happen to our little fella!  He gobbled down two big meals today and kept them down. He’s very food motivated so I wasn’t surprised in the least that he was happy to snarf down food given the chance.

He’s still having a little bit of an issue with the tail end of things but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about at this point; his system is still recovering.

We talked to the shelter and they’re going to pick him up from the vet tomorrow and keep him there a few days until he’s completely better (most puppies take a week to fully recover if they do, so he’s on the right track!). They’re not far from the vet and have her personal number should something happen so we’re fine with saving them some costs since they’re being so generous with covering his care.

…and mostly we’re just excited that they think our little buddy can come home on Friday!

Kind of funny bit that happened along the way: our mini schnauzer, Mitzi, is alpha and was having the worst time adjusting.  She was very bossy and possessive.  She would even take treats right out of the puppy’s mouth.

…but when Sprocket became ill, she went full-on mommy dog and slept by his side all night.  Saturday morning, she had a grooming appointment (she was locked in the groomer’s salon once all night so it’s always an adventure) and we dropped her off before taking Sprocket to the emergency vet.  We didn’t know how dire things were then and her groomer usually keeps her all day, mostly to play.  In the past she’s even asked us to bring her by on certain days so she can help the shelter pups she grooms for free feel calmer.  Who knew that our little brat was sweet when we weren’t around?!

Unfortunately, the groomer had somewhere she needed to be that evening so the appointment didn’t take nearly as long as it usually does and our trip with Sprocket took much, much longer.  Solution?  Groomer did us a massive solid and toted Mitzi around on errands all day and then home with her.  We picked Mitzi up that night at the groomer’s house (where she was sweetly playing with the five dogs that live there) and when we brought her home, she ran through our house looking for Sprocket, then settled in front of his crate and started whining. She’s since checked it every morning when she goes downstairs.

It’s amazing how quickly he integrated into our lives and how much his absence is felt.


I love that the shelter is so invested with what happens to their pups — I, without a doubt, would happily adopt any future pets from them…and since they said they were covering the costs of his care (they have a deal with their vet so doesn’t cost them much but it saves us a fortune), we were trying to think of ways to pay it forward.

We’ve tossed around a few ideas beyond just donating cash or supplies (and of course offering to pay what the vet charged them for Sprocket’s care).  We both really like the idea of helping out another animal.

Our favorites right now are either “secretly” pay for the adoption cost of whichever animal has been there longest (as in the family wouldn’t know it until they went through the process and were approved) ooor we were thinking we might be able to pick up the medical bill for another puppy that’s Sprocket’s age…he’s not one our boy’s siblings but he is one of their “A” puppies that came from TN at the same time. Sprocket was Andy, this puppy is Albert.  Albert has a grade 4 heart murmur and they’ve been trying to raise money for a specialist visit.  It’s a decent chunk of change but it’s at the same hospital we take our Mitzi for neurology (she also has a low grade heart murmur and her neurologist had the cardiologist take images and consult for us when she needed a MRI) and we have a line of credit that works there so we could, theoretically, pay for his workup (~$500) without it hurting us overly much…and it’s way, WAY less money than we would’ve had to pay for Sprocket’s care without their help.

2 thoughts on “Update on puppers

  1. I’m so glad Sprocket is doing well:) For as bad as the experience has been you’ve gained so much with knowing that Mitzi has taken to him, your groomer is fantastic going over and above the call (our previous groomer charged $10 for every 15 minutes you were late picking up your dog) and the shelter truly cares about the animals they care for and place. A donation to them in any way is a great way to pay things forward. I hope Sprocket continues to improve:)

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