I’ve been twiddling my thumbs with making anything lately.  I’ve been busy and stressed.

Hubs finally started his “Secret Underground Laboratory Club” this weekend.  We had people over for 18 hours straight.  They didn’t leave until almost 2 a.m.  It was exhausting, especially since being around people tires me out anyway.

I usually don’t feel that useful around electrical projects but I ended up being the one putting together all of the mechanical stuff needed that day and showing them how to use the power tools.  Even my hubs didn’t know how to change out the bandsaw blade? It blew my mind a bit.

I’m not convinced two of them have ever soldered, either.  I find that strange since they’re electrical engineers buuuut I guess not everybody grew up with a DIY dad that was happy to have somebody tag along.  🙂


They’re prototyping an electronic boost DC/DC converter there.  They only lost an LED and we’re not letting them play with anything high powered yet, which is probably a good thing since they also shorted something but the equipment protected itself.

I think I need to come up with a safety waiver. ^_^;;

My schedule is going haywire shortly.  I’ll be leaving on March 1st and won’t have but 11 days at home until May.  I’m not looking forward to being gone that long!  I’m tired already and I haven’t even started packing.

…so now for a distracting survey thingy from a quilting friend, even though it has nothing to do with anything.

How old are you: 32
– Tattoos: None.  Not opposed to them, just don’t know what I’d get.  If I ever had a wicked scar, I know I’d get something stitching it up or crafting related to cover it.
– Ever hit a deer:  I mean, technically the one that did damage hit me.  It jumped off an embankment onto the hood of the car like I was a moving stepping stone.  I’ve also hit two in my mom’s car but no damage either time (which is hilarious since she did $500 worth of damage to her grill hitting a rabbit!).  One was sucker punched by the side mirror because it walked out of the ditch as I was driving past.  The other slid on ice in front of the car and went splay legged like Bambi and I ran over one of its legs.  All of the deer shook it off and stumbled away.
– Rode in an ambulance: Yups — I did EMT training and certification after college.
– Ice skated:  Nope but I’d love to try!
– Rode a motorcycle: Yes, but only with my daddy when I was little
-Stayed in hospital: More than I can count, for both myself and others
– Skipped school: A few times >_>;
– Last phone call:  My hubs
– Last text : Hubs again.  My phone number is only known by like six or seven people and only three of those text. The other losers are already in bed! :X
– Watched someone die:  Unfortunately
– Pepsi or Coke: Coke.  I’m from the south, almost everything is called Coke anyway.
– Favorite pie: Lemon meringue or my Granny Boo’s butterscotch with almond meringue
– Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni.  Sometimes I’ll do ham or meatball. I don’t like things too fancy.
-Favorite season: Anything but summer.  I don’t like heat!  I probably like spring the best though.
– Broken bone:  Pretty sure there’ve been a few little fractures here and there
– Received a ticket: Yes but the cop was a complete ass and profiling.  He saw a car of college aged kids (my roommate and boyfriend at the time with me) out late and couldn’t tell me why he pulled me over. He spent half an hour looking over my car before he ended up giving me a ticket for an expired tag that wasn’t actually expired (the state sent small stickers to put on the tag of your car with the year — mine was paid, I was away at college and the sticker was sent to my home address, not my dorm…so it was up to date, just not physically on the car)…and there’s no way he could’ve seen that at night in the rain from the highway median.  The ticket was waived when I called and complained.
– Favorite Color:  Green leaning towards teal.


Passing the time

Craft room progress is coming.  I’m really thrilled with the reorganization of it so far, I suspect that I’ll be able to use it without cringing again before the end of the week.  🙂  I hope!

In the interest of sharing, here’s the library list I made of my craft room books.

I always love pawing through the books that other crafters have.  It’s interesting to see what they think is important enough to keep around and it’s a fun way to grab some ideas.

I think my cookbooks and CDs are also publicly available right now; I’m saving the rest of the books until I finish manually adding the ones without barcodes or ISBNs.  I also finished cataloging all of my patterns the other day — it was a heck of a task!  It will take forever to make a comprehensive library of them on libib, so for now they’re in a file on my google drive.

I hit my knee super hard while sitting in a closet today.  I thought I was never going to be able to escape; I turned into a howling walrus and was rolling around in pain and couldn’t stretch it out to help alleviate the pain.  It was very unpleasant.  It’s a pretty shade of purple now.

…so in the interest of sitting here a few minutes longer while my knee continues to scream at me, this popped up on facebook.  I’ll just say it was way freakin’ harder than I thought it would be.  I blame my middle name.


Every answer must start with the FIRST letter of your MIDDLE name – this is harder than you think!

Middle name ……………. Victoria
Animal ……………………… Viceroy (butterfly)
Girl’s name ………………. Virginia
Boy’s name ………………. Vincent
Color ………………………… Violet
Name of movie ………… V for Vendetta
Something you wear… Vest
Drink ………………………… Vodka
Food ………………………….. Vanilla ice cream
Place …………………………. Virgin Islands
Restaurant ……………….. Varsity (Atlanta, GA)
Reason to be late ……… Vomited

That turned into a rant…

I’m making progress with that super annoying UFO scarf.  The first half is complete and I’ve finished beading the second, so now it’s just endless rows of stockinette.

I remembered I didn’t like the makes that the pattern had — now I remember why.  Stupid holes.  I only did them a few times before I realized again what was happening and changed them.  No big deal, I don’t think the person who wants it will notice. >_>;


I started working on the next Star Trek block but then I got distracted in a huge way.

My sewing room started to irk me.

When I do any project, it becomes cluttered and I can’t just stick to one project so it cascades and gets worse.  Within a few days, my room had quickly became a raging mess.  I’ve started to get frustrated working in there and that won’t do, so it has to change.  It’s even worse now.


I ended up pulling everything out of the little closet and decided to reorganize everything — organizing is what I do when I’m stressed because I grew up with a hoarder.  I want to be the opposite of that and I go nuts with it; it’s almost like a trigger is pulled and I start itching until I can tidy something.   …and thanks to the ConMari thing on Netflix that’s ALL I’m hearing about from the females I know.  Not just that it’s neat but that I have to try it because it’s so amazeballs.  One of my cousins will NOT stfu about it and has talked about it for weeks.  I’ve stayed with her, she shouldn’t be the one telling anybody how to clean.  Just sayin’.

If something works for you, awesome, but stop trying to push it on other people, especially if they’re already telling you no and they’re not interested.  Sort of like the whole “when are you having kids” thing or the CBD/THC thing.  It’s great that they work for you but they’re definitely not for everybody…especially kids.  I don’t want kids, having kids would be a nightmare for me and I would ruin them.  If they’re the greatest thing that happened to you, that’s fantastic…for you.  And I’m sick of people asking for suggestions on forums and every other answer is “SMOKE WEED!”.  Cool, it’s legal in a lot of places now.  …but so is tobacco and a lot of people don’t use it even though they can.  It’s not for everybody.

I digress.  ^^ That picture is why I’m ranting.  Before I savagely attacked my sewing room and everything wound up on the floor, I went through the house and made a digital library of ALL the books, movies, music, and games we own.  I’m working on one for patterns now since I’m this deep in my sewing room.  Before that, I purged my entire kitchen.  It cascades and it’s a sickness.  😛

….and honestly, just my sewing table was cluttered.  Now I’m all-in on my personal brand of insanity.  Even my husband knows if I’m frantically organizing, something’s off with me and to use kid gloves.  I had a panic attack at 4  this morning over a vacation in OCTOBER, that’s how high strung I can be.

So I’m here and ranting to try to avoid tearing something else in that room apart.  It worked for a bit but I’m going to go back to patterns soon.

But first!  In an effort to spread that out and calm down a bit, another pointless survey type of thing!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, just for fun. 

Who’s older? He is, but only by two months.

Who was interested first? Not really sure?  We met online and things progressed pretty quickly.  He did message me first though and he was the first to be all lame and declare his love.

How long have you been together? Almost twelve years.  x.x

Married? Aye, for seven years.

More sarcastic? Me, it goes right over his head.

Who makes the most mess? Depends if I’m “cleaning” or not?  Day to day, it’s him.

Who has more tattoos? Neither one of us are inked.

Better singer? Neither. *cringe*

Hogs the remote? Neither, we turn whatever it is on and leave the remote alone.  We’re pretty similar in viewing tastes and habits.

Better driver? Me!  To be fair, he’s way better than he once was.

Spends the most?  Well, shit.  I guess that would also be me…but caveat is that I manage all of our finances so pay the bills, get groceries, and organize all of our vacations.  He doesn’t spend anything without asking, except for the occasional bagel. 😛

Smarter? Depends on the subject. I learn quicker, he learns deeper.  He has zero common sense, though.

Most common sense? Oh look! I just answered that.  Me, me, ME!

What are your middle names? Victoria and Sproull.

Whose siblings do you see the most?  …well that’s a shit question.  By default, since mine has been dead for thirteen years, we see his sibling more…which isn’t all that often.

Do you have any children together? See above rant.  We have furkids, they’re more than enough.

Did you go to the same school? Nope.

Who is the most sensitive? Hands down, him.  I have bad anxiety and all but he mirrors emotions and gets nearly suicidal if he’s hungry.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? Local Asian fusion place called Jade Bistro.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled? Scotland or Hawaii.  I’m actually not sure which is geographically the furthest.  Gut feeling is Hawaii.

Who has the craziest exes? Him.

Who has the worst temper?  Depends.  I get mad more easily but diffuse really quick.  It takes a lot of build up to get him mad but when he does reach that point, he starts breaking things…then gets mad that the things broke.

Who does the cooking?  Me, with his help now. 🙂

Who is the neat freak?  Based on my rant above, I guess that’d be me.

Who is the most stubborn? Also me.

Who hogs the bed?  Him. He sleeps sideways if he can.  Dogs and cats don’t help.

Who wakes up earlier?  Me. I don’t sleep a lot.

Where was your first date?  South Carolina — we met at a Waffle House.

Who has the bigger family?  That we see regularly?  Him.  All combined we’re probably even kilter with cousins though.

Do you get flowers often? Only when he’s messed up.  He’s under strict orders for no flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Who does the laundry?  I do.

Who’s better with the computers? He can code but doesn’t know how to do some super simple things, so I end up walking him through a lot of stuff, which is absolutely bizarre.

Who drives when you are together? Him, unless he’s tired.

Who picks where you go to dinner? Me, he’s usually just desperate to find something I feel like eating.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? According to everybody that knows us…me.

Who eats more sweets? Neither one of us really like sweets and when we do eat them, it’s always together.  Guess we’re tied on this one.