Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away

I had two doctor appointments last week — one my annual and the other with the ophthalmologist.  Thankfully they both went well and I no longer have to have monthly appointments with the latter!  I do, however, get to have an ultrasound done on my eyes at my next visit in three months.  I didn’t know those were possible, but I also didn’t know what I looked like with fluorescent eyes until last week either.  I was pretty creepy.  @.@

A really bizarre thing happen after my eye appointment.  We’d taken our little Mini Schnauzer to be groomed and after we returned home from the doctor, the groomer called us and said our little gal was ready to be picked up.  Logan went to go get her and the whole place was shut down a good three to four hours before their closing time.  Somewhere along the line, our brat was over-looked and they closed the place with her still locked inside, running wild and free.  I, of course, had a series of panic attacks and feared for the worse for my minion.  L was just furious they wasted his time and filed a police report in case anything did happen to her, but the cop said there was nothing they could do otherwise.  The next morning we got a panicked call from the crying assistant who’d locked our dog inside.  The dog didn’t seem affected at all other than being hungry; she met the assistant at the door, barking her little head off.  She did take a really good nap once she got home though.


…and yes, the little brat put herself under the blanket.  She’s not rotten at all.

The weather here was gorgeous last week, to the point I didn’t spend much time inside at all…until today when all of the heat decided to hit at once.

L and I reworked a few of our flower beds; the yard is more gardens than grass, which I’ll never complain about.  I will, however, complain endlessly about spirea, poison ivy, and wild strawberries.  They’re all gone now, though!  Our big buddy wanted to help, but he’s not very useful unless it comes to digging for chipmunks.  He more or less just hangs out and ends up covered in strawberry runners.


Since I’ve been showing off my fur kids, I might as well include my side-kick.  She’s the last of the babies — we have two dogs and three cats — and she’s yet to make an appearance on this blog, though how I’m not sure.  I can’t go anywhere without her…she won’t even let me brush my teeth without a lookout.  🙂


She’s also my resident fabric inspector.  It all must be -so- comfortable before she approves it for use.


That fabric was for the gift project…


The photo is from when I was laying out the applique.  It’s probably crazy, but I always take a photo before I fuse anything down or sew a complicated project — it helps me spot mistakes by being able to see it all in one small glance.  Everything on the runner has been fused down now and awaiting a break in the heat so I can use my sewing room again.  🙂

Finally, because it’s been too hot to do much else but hide in the garage (and because they’re the last photos I have to share), I’ve been stripping paint off of a cabinet and seat that came with a Singer 66.  I converted the machine to a hand-crank since the wiring was totally shot and the motor needed more rehab than I cared to commit my time towards.  The poor set was painted a horrible green — and green is my favorite color, so it’s bad when I say it was horrible! — so I’ve started the process of refinishing it.

The photos may look really gross but it’s the Citristrip working its magic.  After about half an hour after application, the green paint sloughed right off with absolutely no effort. The wood underneath is gorgeous and looks like it will need minimal rehab before polishing it. Hooray!  I need to do a few touch ups to get some corners and then I get to tackle the cabinet in addition to the storage seat.  Exciting!