…and breathe

I picked up crafting again today. I didn’t do much, just decided to start making one of the many baby quilts that are due this year. Should be a short and sweet project. I hope it turns out.

I would promise photos but guys, let’s be honest, I’m a royally hot mess right now. I don’t know which end is up or what I’m doing.

That probably sounds overly dramatic but shit has hit the fan in a way I never imagined. I desperately wish there was somebody I could talk to about what’s going on but that’s unfortunately not an option because I just don’t have somebody that’s neutral enough to approach, so I’m having to muddle through and try to make sense of things.

To cope I’ve not been sleeping and have gone from 3-4 drinks a year to 3-4 this week just to try to keep the panic and anxiety down – my old neuro recommended drinking when in certain situations to avoid triggering my migraines…I get the weirdest medical advice, right?

I really hope making a few quilts this week will help me stay calm and focused. I won’t hold my breath.


Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday happened over the weekend.

Even though I spent it in the car for 12 hours each way, in an impromptu mad dash back south, it was one of the better ones I’ve had in a while.



If L can have a puppy, break our agreement to just go down to one dog (3 != 1), and turn the house upside down, I can finally get the forth cat I’ve been wanting for years and put off because I was pretending to be a responsible adult.

One of Mom’s coworkers brought her in from outside but decided she didn’t have the time to give to a new little one so asked if Mom wanted her…and Mom was all nope but my kid will. She knows I’m a sucker for calicos and have been wanting a long haired baby.

Her name is Fossey and she’s rotten. Totally and completely.


Kittens are THE BEST. ❤️❤️❤️

I also ended up with an unexpected bounty of other gifts from family and friends. It was almost like being a kid again!

L gave me a drop spindle and some. roving to see if I like making my own yarn that way…he also picked up a gorgeous diamond fashion ring from our jeweler friend back home. Mom got me a hair dryer brush and some bath supplies. My uncle gave me an Amazon gift card and my Grandmother gave me a spot of cash.

…and one of my aunts gave me a start to my Granny Boo’s lilac. Something I’ve always wanted. It’s huge and gorgeous and I’m hoping the starts survive being transplanted!

I also had a really sweet bit of best-in-slot armor waiting for me in World of Warcraft from a friend (the reason I started playing again) when I got home.

Fossey is already causing kitten hijinks. She turned off my power supply last night when I was running a dungeon. D’oh. Thankfully the guy I was helping (I’m max level now!) thought it was hilarious and we ended up being friends so we could play more together in the future.