My babies: Joule

This is the final installment of the my babies postings 🙂

Hi my name is: Joule

My age is: 8 years

My nickname is: Jubilee, Joujou Beans, Jou

My favorite human food is: raw steak and cheese

My biggest fear is: everything…seriously afraid of it all

My favorite things to do are: hide on a heater

Favorite toy: anything with catnip

Where do I sleep : Mama’s pillow or on a heater

Do I love car rides: hellllllll no

My job: use the litter box. That’s all they expect of me

Fun fact: I’m polydactyl!


My babies: Fossey

Hi my name is: Fossey

My age is: 10 months

My nickname is: Fossah, Foo, Pissant, Baby, Catatouille

My favorite human food is: anything that’s flavoring the dirty sink water. The grosser, the better!

My biggest fear is: I run on pure FOMO.

My favorite things to do are: Haphazardly run through any door, even if it means I get locked in a closet or wind up in snow

Favorite toy: Gnome on a stick. I have an amazinggg vertical leap

Where do I sleep : Usually on a dog bed. Sometimes with my hoomans, after biting their toes to make sure they’re real

Do I love car rides: Only if I get to ride in a lap

My job: Kill (and eat) all the ladybugs. I try to do the same with stink bugs but that never ends well

Fun fact: I still climb Mama’s pants so she’ll carry me around and love on me. I’ll even sit on her shoulder while she cooks

My babies: Aela

Hi my name is: Aela

My age is: 5 years

My nickname is: A-El-a, chunky monkey, pretty girl

My favorite human food is: cheeeeeese

My biggest fear: getting trapped in the basement

My favorite things to do are: hopping on counters and cuddles. Gimme allll the cuddles

Favorite toy: Laser pointer

Where do I sleep : snuggled next to one of the hoomans, preferably under the covers

Do I love car rides: Could be worse. I’m a pretty chill cat

My job: Terrorize the others simply by existing

Fun fact: I’m one of three calicos! I’m new to being Mama’s but she still adores me. I also have the softest fur of any cat ever

My babies: Mitzi


Hi, my name is: Mitzi
My age is: 10 years
My nickname is: Moo Moo, Migadungus, Little Queen, Miss, Migadees

My favorite human food is: chicken!
My biggest fear is : Being left alone. Mama can’t leave me, even if somebody else is with me
My favorite things to do are: Bark at everything and boss all the other critters around
Favorite toy: If it squeaks, I’mma kill it
Where do I sleep : Wherever I damn well please. The best place is on the bed between my humans
Do I love car rides: Only if I can ride in a lap
My job: Bark at everything and try to desperately eat food before anybody else can
Fun fact: I weigh 12 pounds but tried to take on a Great Dane at the vet…and won

My babies: Ban

I thought it might be fun to take a break from life and introduce all of my furkids properly. I sure talk about them enough!

Hi my name is: Ban (pronounced Bahn)

My age is: 2 years

My nickname is: Banana, Bano, Goober, T-Rex Head

My favorite human food is: All the junk food. Pizza is amazing. Also like burgers and chickie nuggies and tacos and…

My biggest fear is : That I’m going to get in trouble for stealing Mama’s shoes (he doesn’t) or that I’m not going to get to go on a ride in the car with my hoomans

My favorite things to do are: Snuggle anybody and everybody, run zoomies, try to wear Mama’s hair as a fabulous green wig, go on car rides, eat all the treats

Favorite toy: Big green gnome

Where do I sleep : Start in bed with my hoomans but move to my recliner when it gets too warm

Do I love car rides: Oh boy, do I! So much that I try to jump in random cars

My job: Howl at package carriers and then try to deliver hugs. Chief gnome carer (he even tucks it into bed)

Fun fact: I has a hilariously deep howl. My hoomans love it as much as they love me