It’s been a while but, honestly, not lamenting. I think I mostly post when I’m upset and having to work through things.

Isn’t the case now so not really sure what to post.

Things are going well. I’m finding myself happy for the first time in…decades. I’m off all of my antidepressants except the one that helps with anxiety.

L and I officially separated yesterday and that was exciting. We’re both in better places now, to the point our mutual friends comment about how different we seem. We’re still maintaining a friendship so everything there seems to be working out.

K is amazing. We occasionally butt heads and there a few of those living-with-someone-new growing pains but that’s the extent of it. Once we talk things through, we almost always end up back on the same page or at least with some new understanding. Our wild hair to live together is the best thing that’s happened to me on a looong time.

I went on a small vacation with L and his college friends a few weeks ago to Luray Caverns. Finally met a baby worth adoring – he’s precious and I’m an honorary auntie! I’ll also be meeting my niece next month and am also excited about that. She was born 14 weeks preemie and has worked sooo hard to be a healthy, happy baby. She’s kinda perfect.

Critters are all doing well and seem to love it here. Mitzi is FRIENDLY to new people!?!? Blew my mind. She’s over the moon about K so I think that’s a lot of it. She had to have eight teeth extracted last week, including her upper canines, but is recovering well. Everybody else is spoiled rotten.

I planted a massive deck garden this summer and am thrilled with it. My first squash are growing now! I’ve also started a collection of fruit trees that will be brought indoors during winter. We have 24″ ceilings, so why not?! So far I have a Meyer lemon, key lime, pomegranate, banana, avocado, and blood orange trees. I noticed over the weekend a kumquat seed I’d been trying to sprout is finally making an appearance. It has some catching up to do but I’m thrilled.

Not much crafting going on. I’ve sewn a few clothes but that’s really it. Been playing WoW more than anything, I guess.

Other than that, I got new glasses? Always an important event lol But life is good for now and I hope it stays that way.


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