Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday happened over the weekend.

Even though I spent it in the car for 12 hours each way, in an impromptu mad dash back south, it was one of the better ones I’ve had in a while.



If L can have a puppy, break our agreement to just go down to one dog (3 != 1), and turn the house upside down, I can finally get the forth cat I’ve been wanting for years and put off because I was pretending to be a responsible adult.

One of Mom’s coworkers brought her in from outside but decided she didn’t have the time to give to a new little one so asked if Mom wanted her…and Mom was all nope but my kid will. She knows I’m a sucker for calicos and have been wanting a long haired baby.

Her name is Fossey and she’s rotten. Totally and completely.


Kittens are THE BEST. ❤️❤️❤️

I also ended up with an unexpected bounty of other gifts from family and friends. It was almost like being a kid again!

L gave me a drop spindle and some. roving to see if I like making my own yarn that way…he also picked up a gorgeous diamond fashion ring from our jeweler friend back home. Mom got me a hair dryer brush and some bath supplies. My uncle gave me an Amazon gift card and my Grandmother gave me a spot of cash.

…and one of my aunts gave me a start to my Granny Boo’s lilac. Something I’ve always wanted. It’s huge and gorgeous and I’m hoping the starts survive being transplanted!

I also had a really sweet bit of best-in-slot armor waiting for me in World of Warcraft from a friend (the reason I started playing again) when I got home.

Fossey is already causing kitten hijinks. She turned off my power supply last night when I was running a dungeon. D’oh. Thankfully the guy I was helping (I’m max level now!) thought it was hilarious and we ended up being friends so we could play more together in the future.


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