My babies: Fossey

Hi my name is: Fossey

My age is: 10 months

My nickname is: Fossah, Foo, Pissant, Baby, Catatouille

My favorite human food is: anything that’s flavoring the dirty sink water. The grosser, the better!

My biggest fear is: I run on pure FOMO.

My favorite things to do are: Haphazardly run through any door, even if it means I get locked in a closet or wind up in snow

Favorite toy: Gnome on a stick. I have an amazinggg vertical leap

Where do I sleep : Usually on a dog bed. Sometimes with my hoomans, after biting their toes to make sure they’re real

Do I love car rides: Only if I get to ride in a lap

My job: Kill (and eat) all the ladybugs. I try to do the same with stink bugs but that never ends well

Fun fact: I still climb Mama’s pants so she’ll carry me around and love on me. I’ll even sit on her shoulder while she cooks


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