Isn’t it weird how you wake up with the oddest thoughts on your mind?

Once upon a time, a decade ago now, I had a Xanga…then something happened and I stopped blogging there.

Honestly, the entire incident was stupid and it left me feeling quite bitter.  I still feel bitter about it or I wouldn’t have woke up thinking about it today.

It still affects what I blog about today, here, and that bothers me.  I used to write more openly and freely but now I monitor my words.  I’ll type up an entire entry then not hit “Publish” because I’ll think back to that day, so I end up with a bunch of what I consider rather vanilla entries.  There’s no substance or personality in any of them.

I didn’t write anything offensive at the time either but some people in authoritative positions over me at the time passed judgement on it and didn’t bother asking for my side, and honestly it pissed me off.  One of the people even said there was nothing offensive after my personal blog was reported to them, just called it all “dumb”.

…so I stopped.

I lost that part of me — the part that could unleash my feelings on a page and then send it out into the world for my friends to see.  The part that would share the whimsy of my day and voice my opinions.

I don’t like that I still let that feeling have power over me, so I may try to cut a little more loose now.  I don’t have anybody who really can or can’t tell me what to do anymore.  I *really* don’t like it when people try.  What repercussions could there be?

…a part of me is still afraid though.  The damage was done and I fear that I’ve let it fester for too long.


Fabric and food

I finally got around to ordering some thread from Wawak for my new serger.  I’ve had good experience with the company in the past with zippers, needles, and almost every type of notion, so figured I might as well try some thread.  I’ve never bought anything other than quilting cotton, so serger thread is new territory for me!  One of my quilting buddies is a serging pro and I’ve been picking her brain every chance I get.  I’m pretty excited…but still nervous.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut my fingers off.

As props to Wawak, I placed my order at 3:30 p.m. and my order arrived the next day at 11:00 a.m. for $4 shipping/handling.  That’s INSANE!  I was totally impressed — they’ve done me well in the past but just wow.  Mind blown.

I think for my first serger project I’m going to try a Stitch Upon a Time Merryweather tunic.  I made one several years back in a kind of space-dye knit, so I already have all of the adjustments I need to make it fit right for me…I just didn’t like how the seams and hems laid after everything because all I had was an old straight stitch and a machine that likes to zig zag only when it’s in the mood and you whisper the proper sweet nothings to it.  I think now that I have a proper serger and the ability to do a nice coverstitch that it will be a different story.  I also have the cutest TMNT knit that I think will be perfect for it!


Coincidentally, the knit was next to a pair of fleece TMNT pajamas that need to be repaired in my sewing room.  I sense a theme in my life.  😀

In the meantime, until I work up the bravery to plug in the serger, I’ll just continue to cook.  I received a spiralizer for Christmas from my in-laws and let’s just say that thing is going to get A LOT of use!  I love it!

Last night I made a spicy “ramen” zoodle soup.


That was Logan’s bowl.  He wanted some extras in his soup that I didn’t put in mine: bamboo, lotus root, enoki mushrooms, and sauteed fish cakes.

I tried all of the additions except the fish cakes.  His trying to sell them to me as “gelatinous fishy cubes” didn’t go over so well.  😛  They looked more like a stinky tofu and I’ve just recently accepted the texture of extra firm tofu…let’s not go throwing mystery, smelly fish into that mix.

I’ve never been a fan of bamboo but what we get from the Asian market is world’s better than the canned stuff at our grocery store so maybe someday I’ll welcome it.  For now, I continue to try it every time I cook with it.  There’s something about you have to get used to something before you like it, right?  At least I don’t spit it out and want to scrape my tongue after eating it like I do with the canned stuff…

Also, enoki mushrooms aren’t the worst.  I hate mushrooms as a rule — the only ones I’ll willingly eat are morels — but enoki were different enough without the dirt flavor that I could also see myself eating them in the future.  They were delicate, not over powering, and definitely fun to play with, so those are all huge pluses.

Lotus I can take or leave — it just ended up being sauteed on a higher heat to soften it rather than cooked in the soup with the faster cooking ingredients (zucchini, baby bok choy, tofu, etc…).

Tonight is hot dogs.  I’m breaking out my cousin’s grandmother’s Michigan sauce recipe!  So yummy.  🙂



Snail mail


I’ve always loved snail mail but I think the cute thank you notes that my Grandmother sends will always be my favorites.

I’m currently trying to ramp up some crafting mojo.  Slowly but surely, good things will be appearing soon!  …I hope.  🙂


I still haven’t found the motivation to do much of anything except try to recover from the trip.

The burst pipe was located and fixed.  It’s amazing how such a little hole could spew two inches of water everywhere so fast.


We had two days of warm temperatures — it actually got into the 60s yesterday!  …but those warm days caused more mayhem than good.  The rivers warmed up enough for the ice to break up and then cause some crazy ice jams and there’s some wicked flooding in the area.  Last night it also started raining, then the temperatures dropped fifty degrees back to the teens and we had a flash freeze.

Welcome ice coating everything! I can handle all of the snow winter wants to throw my way but ice is a whole new ballgame.

I spent a good portion of the evening trying to chisel free the steps and salt what I did free up.  It’s hard to believe how thick the accumulated ice is!  All I can say is I’m glad I have some microspikes for my boots or I probably would have went flying down the stairs today.


The driveway is a lost cause and the road is still slick, even though trucks have been running all day.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out to tomorrow or not for grocery shopping.  We definitely need to get an AWD vehicle for our hill…

In other fun news from the holidays, my hair decided it was time to be teal while I was visiting VA.  Most of the old green/blue/purple had faded out, so it was bleached blonde on the bottom (with lots of panic — I don’t do well as a blonde, even if it’s for half an hour) and then slathered with a much more fun color.  We just bleached the part of my hair that had color before, so the top is still natural.  It’s fun ’cause when I pull it back or braid it, it still looks normal at first glance and from the front.  One of our friends didn’t even notice the color until I unbraided it the second day he was around me.  😛


I’m not a contributing member of society, so why not?  😛  If/when this color inevitably fades, I’ll do an all-over-dye with something else.  The hairstylist I’ve gone to all of my life bleached it to a brassy color (instead of a bright blonde) that complements my natural color really well, so I suspect an all-over color will make it look almost ombre.   …at least I hope.  It’ll be fun to find out what happens either way when the time comes!


Trip summary

We made it back alive (sort of) from our ever-insane Christmas travel extravaganza!

Insane because we somehow manage to fit four Christmas celebrations, a few birthdays, and a New Years Eve party into our trip south…along with one night of having to suffer through the southern fascination with college football.  >_>;;

Highlights of this year’s trip?

We smuggled away Grandmother’s cheeseball recipe!

I’m not sharing that recipe with anybody — it’s mine, precious, mine!

This amazeball serger and coverstitch combo machine landed in my lap:


Have I learned to use it yet?  Nope!  Do I pet it every time I walk by it?  You bet’cha!

Grandmother’s sweater fit!!!

Mom’s necklace held together!!!

Logan’s mom discovered the recipe hiding away somewhere to his favorite holiday cookie that his grandmother used to make, which I think is similar to a pecan meltaway now that I’ve tried them.  He was and is super ecstatic to have them again.

Logan and I got to meet our niece — his sister’s 10ish week old daughter — for the first time.  Logan had never held a baby before and he looked very much like a panicked T-Rex when he did.

The New Years Eve party with our friends was better than it has been in years.  I’m not really sure why, either, but it was.  Good food, good company, I guess.   …and “really sharp cats”.  Turns out some of us aren’t so good at the game “Heads Up”, or at least not at describing porcupines.  ;P

I’ve also made it a point to reconnect with old friends.  I’m normally really introverted and antisocial…but what if other people are too?  So, I’ve reached out and found a few.  It has been so, so worth it.  I think it made a difference in both my sanity and happiness while traveling and having to watch back-to-back college football games.  Definitely not my thing.

Now, to try to finish cleaning up the lower level of my house after a pipe decided to burst this morning and flood everything.  Who’s glad it burst the morning we came back and not while we were gone?  This gal!