Life is kind of insane right now and I don’t know that I’d have it any other way. Moving is still underway, the separation is going smoothly, and everybody else seems to have lost their damn minds. The new house has needed more work than either of us could’ve predicted but my muscle man knows what he’s doing and what he doesn’t know, I know…so far. We seem to make a good team. He’s most recently been working on fixing various plumbing and I’ve been tackling the tiling the kitchen and managing the crew replacing the DOA boiler. Ever not have heat for three weeks in a New England winter? 😭

I’m currently disinfecting the massive upstairs air tub (still no heat up there!) so thought I’d spend a little down time here and try to catch up reading other’s blogs.

…and, as always, I can’t resist a questionnaire!

I would provide a link but I’m still struggling with a poorly phone connection, but I got the following quizzie from Karen’s blog, NothingButKnit. Go find her and wish her a happy birthday!

What is the most unique/fun/well enjoyed gift you’ve gotten for your birthday?

Fossey! The little furball was my birthday gift this year. Nothing is better than a kitten!

What is your preferred dessert to celebrate your birthday?

Grandmother aalways made me a German Chocolate cake…but I’m too lazy to make one for myself for my birthday, so I prefer an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

What is your worst birthday memory?

I guess when I was 17. I had a pretty tumultuous relationship with my mother and she forgot it was my birthday. Argued with me that it wasn’t my birthday, even.

Tell us a memory from a birthday when you were a child.

For my 7th birthday, I was staying with my Grandmother. And one of my great-grandmothers, Granny, who was in her 90s, made me my very own little birthday cake about the size of a saucer. She decorated it with yellow roses and I was soooo happy to have something all of my own like that.

How would you celebrate your birthday if money was no object?

A delicious steak meal with ice cream, an exhausting metal concert, and ending the night with a bath in this newly cleaned air tub. I’m getting old, the thought of a soft bed and snuggling the new family is about all I need. I’m still holding on to some adventure though! It’s been a year without a concert. 😔