I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m loving this isolation thing.

So many of my friends are suddenly at home that I barely have a moment to breathe — the anxiety hermit is being the calm one for a change.  I have almost nightly game sessions (sometimes several different games in a day with different people) and my phone is buzzing from texts so frequently that L asked me if my friends were messaging me so much just to keep him from sleeping.  XD

Honestly, though, isolation isn’t much different than my normal daily routine except my husband is home so takes the puppy with him to the lab…and when I do venture out to get groceries, it’s now an amazing experience in produce paradise instead of panic attack inducing bumper carts. For some reason people aren’t buying out the fresh foods here and I’m SO happy about it.

Unpopular opinion game. Name 10 things that everyone else likes that you don’t.
1. Coffee
2. Wine
3. Beer
4. Mushrooms
5. Summer
6. Boating
7. Babies
8. Vaping
9. Parties
10. Cilantro



Weird day

L told me today that we were out of food for the big dogs.  I placed a Chewy order less than a week and he assured me that all of the animals but the puppy had plenty of food.

Head desk.  So much head desk.

So I placed a pick up order from Target for the puppos.  I threw some Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle and Barbecue Pop Chips in for myself.  Call it a treat for all the bother.

It was so weird being out.  I hadn’t really since NY went on official shut down almost a week ago.  Target didn’t even have music playing.  So weird.

Since the last post, L has turned 34.  It’s now after midnight so my bestest best friend’s birthday is today.  There has been lots of not partying in lockdown!

…and internet shopping.

Y’all.  I stay at home all the time but for some reason having hubby here has me stress shopping.  To the point mystery packages are showing up that I didn’t remember ordering.  Night me is really awesome to day me.

I’m looking for a new dining room table now. I feel like I should be walking around waving cash.  L has broken FOUR of our dining chairs since working from home. x.x

I’m not sure I’m going to survive this.

So! A short little game to distract me for a minute or two (*edit*  OR TWENTY. Brain farts are real.) Stolen from a friend on Facebook.

Let’s do something fun!!

You’re in lockdown. The only food you have to survive on are items starting with the letters of your name. What is keeping you alive?

A – Apples, Honeycrisp to be exact

M – Margaritas

B – Biscuits (US Southern style with country gravy…because there’s no other way to eat a biscuit in my world)

E – Eggs

R – Ribeye steaks

Yummy! I’ll survive!

Give it a shot!!😊



My husband is home until further notice.

I don’t know whether to be excited or horrified.

We might get the house fixed up a bit — I’ve been wanting to redo the laundry room and turn part of it into a pantry since we moved in 9 years ago.

…but we’re probably going to end up murdering each other instead.

The biggest bright side is L can babysit Sprocket while he’s home and that means I can knit!


I cast back on Yggdrasil, a shawl I started and ripped forever and a day ago.  It’s double knit and starts with 360 stitches — so a 720 cast on.  It’s going to take a day and an age to finish but it’s something to keep me busy.

…and since today is National Puppy Day!





Now that we’re back home, the social distancing has begun…except online, of course!

One of my favorite online people in the world found me again! I no longer have the email address he had, we’ve both moved states, no messengers we used are still active, and his phone died a violent death two years ago causing us to lose contact. Luckily, I still have the same number as 15 years ago and he found it in an email from that long ago!

It probably sounds really dumb to people who don’t have the best internet friends ever but I missed him like crazy. Apparently he felt the same, as we ended up talking for TWENTY HOURS the first day he contacted me. Who needs sleep when you have your oldest and best friend back? We’ve known each other since we were 13 and we’re rapidly approaching 34. 🙂

Otherwise, life isn’t much different except the grocery store didn’t have potatoes. I got stuff for all our favorites so shouldn’t need anything else for a few weeks. All of our concerts and doctor appointments were canceled and the vet is stuck in California, so I have even fewer reasons to venture out.

Sprocket was due his booster for distemper yesterday so I got to take him to the SPCA. After, we went to PetSmart for his first trip there since he was adopted. He was THRILLED!

Nobody else was in the store so he got all the loves and treats from the employees. He then tested all the toys – picked out two with lots of squeakers – and smelt everything in the treat aisle. He wanted it all so I picked up size appropriate bags of mixed treats for all the dogs since we were out and there’s no way my sanity would survive a few weeks without them having bones to distract them.


Wedding day


We cleaned up for the wedding today. Guess it has to happen every once in a while.

Hubs’ trio are officially all taken now. It’s quite the accomplishment for them.


The fun part is all of our anniversaries are within a month of each other so there may be some potential for group vacations to celebrate in the future.

When you’re supposed to panic but don’t.

We’re in a pandemic and what does my happy, anti-social, ass doing?

Traveling through eight states to go to a wedding. Going to multiple parties. Hanging out with more people in a week than a usual year. Prepping to go to a hospital for the niece’s birth. Going to cities. Visiting family. Eating out in public. Doing my twice a year Wal-Mart adventure. Picking up a total stranger. Running around barefoot in the mountains. Testing frigid pools in the south.


…basically doing everything I don’t normally do and shouldn’t be doing now. I do still wash my hands and carry sanitizer. I whipped out the sanitizer before the reception dinner and a line formed for a squirt.

I’m also firmly sticking to my rule of not touching people – nobody is demanding hugs this trip. IT’S AWESOME!

Nobody else has been out when I have been. It’s kinda the introverts’ dream.

I’ve spent my whole life with anxiety and, for once, I’m not worried at all. Either my new meds are amazing or all the worry and worst case scenarios over the years have prepped me beyond belief.