Puppy updates

Goodness me, I’m tired.

Babysitting a single puppy is remiscent of babysitting a pack of toddlers. Or maybe I just had more energy back in the day?

I’ve done exactly nothing productive this week except keep an eye on the roughly 12 week old ball of energy.

He looooves his brother Thorin and would follow him to the ends of the earth. Thor is 11 years old and starting to show it, white muzzle and all – you can tell he has to think about flopping on the floor and spends more time on a couch or his memory foam bed than he used to. He’s still been happy to show Sprocket the best places to roll in the yard and how to bound through what snow we have left.


Mitzi, the mini schnauzer, hasn’t adjusted as quickly. She’s the alpha and thinks the world is hers. She has started to reluctantly share her couch with Sprocket, though I’m not sure he gave her much choice – he figured out how to climb up on the first day. I was worried he’d think his name was “Mitzi, no” because I’ve had to say it so much. She’s improving, thank goodness.

Sprocket came out of his shell. He was very shy and quiet – even the shelter said he was reserved – and boy did that dog disappear! He has taught me I didn’t puppy proof nearly as well as I thought…but that’s okay because he’s super distractable and will happily swap something he shouldn’t chew for a toy.

He’s learned he can dethrone queen Mitzi by pulling the blanket she sits on off the couch. He has balls, even if his real ones were removed.

He had tested every. single. toy. we own. That’s been a lot of work! He loves to tug and chew rawhide and has found a toy bat that’s has the perfect nose to nurse when he wants a nap. He still whines when he makes one squeak and doesn’t expect it but is starting to appreciate the noises and go after the squeaker toys.


Other than him whining the entire second night, I’ve no real complaints. I’ve started crate training and he slept through the night last night with minimal whines. He’s learning to free feed like our other pets and takes treats super gently now. He’s only had three accidents – all on husband’s watch and one of those may have been ON hubs, which I find hilarious – every other time he’s gone outside or on his peepad.

If we hadn’t had Thorin first, who was the perfect puppy, I’d say we couldn’t ask for a better pup. Sprocket is a close second though!


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