I am weak

So very, very weak.

While waiting for the gnome to return my missing yarn, I’ve started my very first sock!

I’m both terrified and excited.  Mostly excited.

So far it’s going great, though there isn’t much to show yet as I’m still just working on the cuff.

I ignored my friend’s advice to make a plain sock first and went straight for a pair I liked — the socks are for Logan.  If I don’t like something, I won’t be able to knit it.

I’m making Gimli socks by Claire Ellen.  So far, so good!  The only thing I’m actually worried about will be the heel but I have plenty of people to bug if I have issues when the time comes.  🙂

I’ve never worked with DPNs this small before so hopefully I won’t break them.  They’re cute and beautiful…and very wooden when I’m used to using little steel stabbities.  I’m using the “Majestic” ones I snagged off of KnitPicks last year when they went on an awesome sale.  I’d been coveting them for ages and couldn’t resist.

Speaking of KnitPicks, my yarn impulse arrived yesterday.  My only regret now is that I didn’t buy more since it’s going out of stock.  It’s all so squishy and yummy, even the warm colors I wouldn’t normally ever buy or pick out.  They’ll make awesome gifts!


…and to round out the “I’m weak and can’t control myself today” buys, I finally caved and bought two patterns I’ve had my eyes on for a while, plus a third because why not?

Actually, there was a reason but still!  Why not?!

I had to grab Yarn Quest 2018 since I finally finished the scarf for last year.  2018 is Steam Age and guess who I’m married to that loooooves steam punk?  Yup, he’s already rolled the first Chapter so I can start his scarf whenever I’m ready.  He’s that excited.

I also picked up the most adorable Mind Flayer amigurumi for Logan’s cubicle.  I’ve been wanting a fun little crochet project and this definitely fits the bill.

Lastly, the one that seems the most impulsive, is a new beanie pattern.  One of our friends asked if I’d mind knitting him a new hat.  There’s a story and reason behind it that I won’t get into here and I told him if I had the time, I’d see what I could do.  I saw the Smoke in the City pattern pop up on Ravelry and really liked the fit and how it would work for most any age or gender, so thought it would be a great one to add to my pattern stash.  It looks like it’ll be super quick to knit up and with a bit more style than just a plain, old, boring hat.

I can’t wait to dig into everything!


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