Birthday celebrations

I think my house gnome ran off with my yarn and ate it.  I could’ve sworn I had an extra ball of what I was using to make Mom’s scarf and poof!  Nowhere to be seen.  I even had two listed on my Ravelry stash.  Something is amiss and I’m stuck until I can make it out to the store to buy another ball unless the missing one magically shows up again.  Phooey!

…and by gnomes, I of course mean the kind from Trollhunters.  What other kind could live in my house of horrors?


Gnome Chompsky 3D printable from MyMiniFactory’s @3DofTom — not my image or design, but I do need to get my hands on a 3D printer again so I can make this awesome little guy.  Adore!!!

Logan’s birthday is coming up in about a week, so we kicked off our year of concerts with an early birthday gift: The Chieftains.  Logan hasn’t always been a fan of music but he has always liked The Chieftains, go figure.

We had quite a bit of confusion in our house because he kept talking about their being the ones that made “The Long Black Veil”.  I like the song too but didn’t remember a whole lot of Celtic/Irish influence to the song, but hey, whatever, sometimes they have a guitar?  It still left me confused but I largely just went along with it. …until Logan said something about it was going to be a pity that it wouldn’t be played at the concert.  I agreed, it really is a good song.  “Because there’s no way Mick Jagger will be there.”


We grew up with two very different versions of the song.

I listened to Johnny Cash, specifically the Folsom version, while Logan only thought it was original to The Chieftains.  Turns out it was originally recorded by Lefty Frizzell as a twangy country song.  Logan and I both still prefer our respective versions — I will concede it would probably be better if you could swap out Cash for Jagger, but that’s just a preference for his voice in general.  I do quite like the Celtic instrumentals.

We’re also seeing another concert this week: Nightwish.  Logan is super excited.  We’ve had a bit of an adventure over the years trying to see them in various places and finally saw them a couple of years ago in Birmingham.  To date, Logan said it was his favorite show, ever, so he’s really excited to see them again.  I’m personally excited about the venue.  Seats at a metal show (and we have AMAZING ones) are to be appreciated!

I think we’re up to seeing 39 bands between now and October so we’re in for a real whirlwind!

The rest of Logan’s birthday gift, well, it got complicated.

Somebody hacked my eBay account and Logan’s physical birthday present was mailed to somebody unknown by the name of “Steve” in the Bronx.  I received a bunch of creepy ransom looking texts late one night from a lady who doesn’t speak English and her son — they seemed just as confused as I was, were very sweet, and also aren’t named Steve.  Thank goodness I remembered a smattering of Spanish from high school and the son speaks pretty good English!  Turns out the hacker changed the name and address but NOT my contact phone number and thankfully the eBay seller included the invoice in the package.  The whole thing is being investigated by eBay now.  D’oh.

The last part of Logan’s gift (he asked for experiences this year rather than physical gifts but who can resist Blue Batman?!) is scheduled for on Friday, April 13th.  Dun-dun-dunnnnn.  If the weather holds, he has a flying lesson!

Right now we’re in the 3rd snowiest March ever for this part of New York, so I’m really hoping the weather clears up for Logan’s flying lesson — if not, the pilot said we’ll just reschedule until it works out.  🙂




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