Today we went out celebrate Logan’s birthday.

He asked for fun adventures this year instead of physical gifts.

The first present was seeing The Chieftains in concert a few weeks ago.  He was very pleased.

The second gift was his birthday dinner tonight.


Yups, he got an ENTIRE sushi party boat to himself.  It has been his dream for a long time.  It didn’t stand a chance.

I also had time to sit down and whip out a hat for a friend today.


I’m a glacially slow knitter and Smoke in the City took me hardly any time at all; I started it late yesterday, didn’t work on it much today, and still finished well before dinner.

I wanted a stretchy hat that still shrunk down to fight snug against the head without being tight at all…and that’s exactly what I got!  It’ll even pull down to cover his ears when he’s out hunting, just like he was hoping.

Best of all, the pattern instructions were super clear.  After some of the patterns I’ve encountered lately, I’m pleased as punch.  I’ll definitely be making this one again when I need a quick unisex hat.

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