Due for an update

I’ve been so distracted with other things lately that I haven’t had much time for crafting, but as of yesterday, Grandmother’s cardigan is merrily ticking away again.

I’m about to start what I think will be the 5th and final skein of yarn, but I guess time will tell — I’ve always been horrible at judging exactly how much yarn a project will take.  I’m getting really close to starting the final ribbing, though, so I’m very excited.

I’ve been watching “The Great British Baking Show” on Netflix (or the Great British Bake Off when I caught a few episodes overseas) while doing this last bit and it has really been making me want to baaake…which is probably a horrible thing since I’m a fairly decent cook but not the best at baking.  I can cook a good cake or pie, but this show really makes me want to take out my great-Granny’s old recipe book and make her bread.  We’d have it every holiday, so maybe that adds to wanting it.

I asked Logan to add yeast to the shopping list this evening; he’s grabbing a few things for the long weekend on his way home…so I might as well, right?  😛

We’ll see how that adventure goes.

My KnitPicks yarn arrived a during my few days absence.  It’s all lovely and squishy.

Logan dove into it as well and had to rub his face in it all.  He chose the Stroll Sock Yarn in Aurora Heather as his favorite.  Lucky for him, it’s the yarn I had purchased to make him socks!


KnitPicks does a better job photographing their products than I ever would. 😛

I’m still nervous about making socks and I’m not sure why.  He’s really excited about having some fancy, home knitted ones.  He even bothered to discover what Ravelry was and picked out a pattern.

I’m pretty sure he only picked the pattern because of the name but I’m not complaining.  Any time/interest that he invests is welcome.

He chose “Gimli Socks” by Claire Ellen.  He actually said he’d like the entire Fellowship set (go figure) but that those were his favorite, even though he’s an elf, not a dwarf.

I think the pattern is going to be a bit complicated for my first foray into socks…but I’m comfortable with DPNs and cabling and usually up for a good challenge, so maybe it won’t be so bad?

I’ll still probably procrastinate starting it for a bit.  I have this cardigan to finish and baby hats to make after all!  😀

Along with his sock yarn, I took advantage of the sale on KnitPicks and finally grabbed some tiny DPNs.  For some reason I only have rather chubby, metal ones and I’ve been drooling over the majestic ones for years.  I know that when I do make socks, I’ll want wood so the yarn doesn’t slip off as easily.  I didn’t want to miss my chance to get pretty things!


Again, KnitPicks does a better job at photos than I could. 😛

…and they’re SO much more yummy irl.  I wish they weren’t quite so spendy, I would’ve snapped up an entire set just to have them and pet them.

I hope they hold up well and don’t bend.  They seem pretty sturdy.  I’ll let the world know here if I have issues with them when the time comes.


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