Easily distracted

I really should be cleaning since there are contractors coming over in a few hours…

…but vacuuming is never any fun.

So what do I do instead?

I pull out all of my yarn, weigh it, and enter it into Ravelry like I wanted to do yesterday.


I have to admit, it’s super satisfying.  Bonus, I got to pet my own stash of yarn!

It looks kind of sad all squished down into a single image like that but when it’s all spread out into baskets and a drawer, it feels much better. 😛

I also have some bits and bobs I can’t identify what they started as anymore, but none of them are even remotely large enough for a project.  They’re in the corner of my yarn drawer and I use them for provisional cast ons, lifelines, or little amigurumi projects.  They’re pretty inconsequential in the end.

What did I learn from doing this?

I like to be organized…ridiculously organized.  I don’t like to clean, though.

I need to quit being quite so cautious when I order yarn for projects — I way over order because I tend to use more yarn than designers estimate and then I have all this gorgeous yarn left that I have no clue what to do with…other than make a million hats.

I’m super sad that KnitPicks has discontinued the Diadem yarns.  It was definitely my favorite to pet.  Chroma was probably my second favorite, so I’m glad it’s still around and that one of my upcoming projects is using it!  I’m going to be making this Phoenix-Wing shawl in it after I finish Grandmother’s cardigan and my scarf.  I’m also really happy they still have their Hawthorne Kettle Dye yarns, because what I have left over from making Mom a shawl a few years ago is sooo gorgeous and I loved working with it then…and the shawl turned out beautiful too.  I’ll definitely have to buy more of those in the future.

…and on a final note, I think I might make some hats for the Little Hats, Big Hearts project as my car project for the holiday traveling extravaganza that Logan and I always do.  Hats are something I can easily knit or crochet and if I only make one, I only make one…but if I make a bunch more, good for me!  Only downside is looking at my newly created Ravelry stash, I don’t have any red yarn that qualifies — the only red I have is metallic or lace.  Guess I’ll have to go yarn shopping?  Bummer!  ;P

I also found a really cute idea for a car craft caddy and I think I’ll draft one to fit my own needs and whip it out before the trip.  I’m always dropping stuff when I’m crafting, especially while traveling, even though I tailor-made my purse to hold a cake of yarn and my travel-tin of yarn goodies, so that seemed like a really neat system to help prevent my clumsy scattering of supplies.  We’ll see if I get around to it!



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