Thanksgiving blues + knitting guts

Knitting stuff is at the bottom if you want to skip to it.

I had to take a break from social media yesterday.  I probably should have today as well but at some point you just have to suck it up and move on, you know?

It’s funny how taking a break from Facebook and other sites is a big deal these days, but it really kind of is.  I’ve always been fairly connected to the internet; I loved chatting as soon as I had access to the internet and anybody who knows me well knows Logan and I met online before it was a more acceptable thing to do.

There’s your warning, this isn’t a happy post but I need the vent.

Thanksgiving has long been a holiday I haven’t enjoyed.

I loved it as a kid — I’d get TWO Thanksgivings.  We’d have Thanksgiving lunch at my Grandmother’s with Dad’s family and then we’d truck over to Granny Boo’s and have who knows what at her house with Mom’s family.   …usually a wild turkey that Uncle David had shot that was inedible so I was usually pretty glad I was already stuffed on turkey and could just enjoy the sides Granny Boo made.  Sides and family are the best parts of Thanksgiving anyway, right?  I’m pretty sure turkey (or green beans, but I’m unfairly biased since I’m allergic) is the least best part.

Then we get older and things change.

Grandmother’s was always particular fun because I still had great-grandparents living.

…and then Grandma died on Thanksgiving right after we’d eaten and Granny sat there crying, wringing her hands, saying it should have been her and she was next.

Mom’s family is miserable at best — the ones that are still alive don’t seem to really talk to each other anymore.  I’m not really sure what the falling outs were all about or if they all just finally got sick of pretending to like each other…but it seems the only time they talk to one another are at funerals or when the cops are involved, so family gatherings aren’t really a thing.

So yah, the thought Thanksgiving has lost a lot of its luster.

To make yesterday worse, it was Dad’s birthday.


He would have been 57 and for some reason I’ve just been having a really hard time with it this year, I think because it was the 10th year anniversary of his passing on the 20th of this month.   …or because I just really, really miss him.   It could also be because it’s the double whammy of his birthday and Thanksgiving kicking off my sad season — my sister’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and then I just have to ride it out until Christmas.

…things usually get better after Christmas.  The world quiets down, quits throwing celebrations in your face, and you can pretend to be normal again for eleven months.

Knitting stuff starts here.

Oh, and just to kick me in my teeth while I was down, as I working on the cardigan yesterday, I noticed something horrifying.

I had crossed one of my cables the wrong way.  15 rows back.  Without a life line.

WTF was I thinking getting cocky enough not to put in a good life line?!

The rows for the body are 215 stitches long, so there was no way I was tinking 3,225 stitches.  It takes long enough to knit those in moss stitch, much less tink them without twisting stitches.  I also wasn’t going to rip out 15 rows of work and then have to deal with picking up 215 stitches in the right order, without twisting them.

…the good news is, I’m a pro at now knowing if my stitches are twisted — something I wasn’t always so good at before starting this project.  I can also drop a whole column of stitches know and zip them right back up with a crochet hook in the right direction no problems.  So I could have done tinking or ripping, I just didn’t want to.

I’m only 4 rows from actually finishing the durn thing (minus the 1.5″ of ribbing that will fly by because no cabling)….so I did one of the scariest things I’ve done in a while.  Why not make this another opportunity to force myself to do things that have scared the snot out of me before?  Worst case, I have to rip it, which I just established I can do but just don’t want to do.


I dropped the entire portion of the cable that I’d twisted wrong and pulled it back for the 15 rows and reknit it in place with DPNs in a size smaller than I’m using for the rest of the project — having chubby DPNs worked in my favor for a change (just so I could manipulate the working yarn)!

It took me two episodes of suffering through Logan watching the old Ghostbuster’s cartoon to fix….much faster than tinking and knitting everything again.  It’s slow going because the slack yarn gets really tight at the end and then I had to even out the stitch tension across the row, but it was definitely worth the effort and time saved.

I did have to shift and drop another small section two rows from the top before I finished, but only because I had a cable at the end that ended in purls and the yarn was too tight to finish it properly.  I’d already dropped and fixed 15 rows with 20 stitches each, shifting the last two rows over 10 stitches and redoing them was nothing at that point.

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