Frozen solid

Our heating system went kaput.  Right in time for the record low temperatures.  Huzzah!

Logan and I were able to diagnose the problems…that’s right, multiple cascading problems with auxiliary parts in the plumbing that caused the boiler to depressurize and be unable to refill.

We got a few things from Home Depot and cannibalized together a fix that trickle fed the boiler enough water that it repressurized overnight and we could turn it back on this morning so we have heat in some rooms and hot water again.

We did have to call in a guy to help out this afternoon, though.  We diagnosed four parts that failed, one catastrophically and the other three on the brink of death…so might as well have a pro do it can probably do a better job than we can definitely get the parts cheaper and sooner than we could.

Bonus, he’s also going to work up quotes for fixing another plumbing thing we hate but didn’t want to do ourselves and ductless air conditioning.

Still no heat in our upstairs, though.

Mitzi has no complaints; she loves any excuse to snuggle.




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