I’m excited we have heat again!

The plumber came by yesterday morning with the new parts and had everything taken apart and reassembled in less than an hour and half — including the time he took to fully inspect our system and make sure the whole house came up to heat properly.  Way, way faster than we could’ve done anything and it was completely painless other than to our wallets; but, to be fair, he charged a very reasonable rate considering all the work he did and parts that needed replacing.  We’ll definitely be adding him to our list of recommended services.

Other than that, KnitPicks is KILLING me with their yarn sales.  I just have the cuff left on the sweater’s remaining arm then a few inches left on the body and it’s ready to be blocked…so it’s time to think about more yarn (when am I not thinking about yarn?), so a horrible time for them to be waving $1 and $3 skeins in my face.  I definitely bit on a few things and will share those and for what projects later. 🙂

I’m feeling a bit itchy and organizational — maybe because we’re having the plumber’s dad and brother over tomorrow to give us a ductless A/C quote — so rather than clean I’m wanting to pull out all of my yarn and actually put it in my Ravelry stash so I have a digital record of what I have.   I’ve always wanted to make a digital stash of my fabric too but I have so much more fabric that it may be easier to start with yarn…but that’s complicated because a lot of my yarn was given to me so doesn’t have a brand, much less weight/yardage…and is likely older than I am so who knows if I’ll ever get around to it.  XD


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