He’s a free elf!

Our cold snap keeps rolling in and I’m loving it.  It’s supposed to get down to 16 tonight, which is a record low for this time of year.  Huzzah!

The bad news about that is I’m sending Logan out to a Tiesto show, so he’s going to freeze his butt off walking to the venue tonight over in Albany.  The wind off the Hudson can be wicked.  I’m not a fan of techno/club music and he conned some coworkers into going with him, so I’ll enjoy the break and get in some quality knitting.  I’m hoping I can finish off the skein from the arm I made the other day by adding some length to the torso and then start the other arm; I didn’t want a join in the middle of an arm.

The good news about the cold is that it’s cold!

…but while I love cold, I established yesterday that Mitzi doesn’t.  She shivers and shakes if it gets below freezing and starts demanding her clothing.  Yes, we’re that type of dog parent.  When your dog is miserable without a fluffy sweater on, though (and fights you when you try to take it off in winter), it’s hard not to be.

Yesterday, I had to do a supply run for dog food and cat litter to Target and the clothing section siren-songed me.  I ended up getting Mitzi a fluffy new “bathrobe” sweater made of minky and wouldn’t you know, they had an XL that fit Thorin too?!

Now, Thorin, being a big dog, has never had clothes before.  He has a tie he can wear for formal photos and a backpack for hiking but that’s the extent of it.  He likes blankets and being snuggled just as much as Mitzi — even though he’s also just as happy running in the snow — so since the robe was only eight bucks, I thought what the hell, let’s do a hilarious family photo for our Christmas card this year!

We tested the robe on him last night.

We put Mitzi’s robe on her first since she’s already cold and acting like a burr stuck to my butt.  Thorin was dancing around hoping we had something for him in the bag but when he saw it was clothes, he went and lay down on Mitzi’s little bed and pouted a bit — he never gets clothes after all.  Surprise, big dog!

We wrapped him up in his fluffy, canine robe; his tail was wagging and he was wiggling around in glee the whole time.  His reaction was on par with his “going to see Bella” reaction**.  Then he strutted around the house like he was the most special dog in the world (he’s one of them, but don’t tell him that).

Then he came upstairs to our bedroom, decided he was clothed so was was a free elf — and therefore human now — so invited himself onto our bed where he did his bizarre wuffle-purr that he does when he’s uncontrollably happy.  He also had his doofy dog smile most of the night, so we let him break the rules and sleep with us.  It was worth it.


Joule, seen in the background, isn’t sure why Thorin is on the bed where she normally sleeps.  She was okay with it though, she loves Thorin.  As a kitten, we joked that she was his kitten, not ours because they were inseparable…now she’s more of my shadow, but still loves the big guy and snuggles him often.


I know I’ve seen research that says most dogs don’t like being hugged, but he’s totally the exception.  He’ll seek out hugs and put himself in positions to be hugged, snuggled, or wrapped up in blankets.  I’ve used this dog as a pillow before and he’s completely chill with it.

Added bonus: Mitzi is a bizarrely small Mini Schnauzer and her robe fits the cats.  We tested it on Sagan since he was the only one not eating when we had the idea and he had zero objections to being wrapped up in a minky bathrobe and fell asleep within minutes, doing his own species appropriate purr.  Our Christmas card this year is going to be fun indeed!


**  Bella was my sister’s dog, so lives with my Mom in Virginia.

Thorin loooooves Bella and looooves car rides and loooooves playing in VA where they get to run around in the mountains and cause all sorts of mayhem like stealing deer carcasses and killing possums.  Just saying the word “Bella” around Thorin results in him rushing the front door and wild leaps and yips. …he knows the entire 12 hour car ride, down to the correct interstate exit 18 miles from Mom’s house; none of the other exits for gas or food phase him, but at that exit, he starts to flip out again and wants to ride the rest of the trip with his head out of the window.  He starts whining incessantly a few miles away from Mom’s house — he knows.   He once tried to climb OUT of the window  –lesson learned, we only put the windows down far enough for his nose now, not his entire fat head — when we get to my Grandmother’s house so he can beat us all to Bella (no worries, we slow to a stop for the sharp turn to the road to my house, so if he had managed to get out, the car wouldn’t have been moving).  Nothing is better than Bella in Thorin’s eyes.


Thorin and Bella refueling on water last year after playing in the cow barn.  So, so stinky.  No wonder he loves it there. 😛

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