Dog fevers and Dinosaurs

My puppers is sick…and by puppers I mean little dog who is actually almost 6 years old but will always be a puppy to me.

She has chronic lyme disease and it breaks my heart.  She caught it before she was old enough to be vaccinated so has had a long run of it.  A few times a year she gets sick with it again and runs a mild fever, gets lethargic, and starts limping around.

We’ve tried treatments with her in the past but the vet said they’re harder on her than actually going through the 3 to 4 day flares, so I just have to suffer through it with her. 😦

She still wants to go outside and will still drink if you bring her water but otherwise just wants to stay snuggled up in bed.  L is bringing home some more of her favorite canned dog food tonight — she’ll still eat her treats (she never, ever refuses a treat) but isn’t interested in dry dog food right now.  She usually doesn’t say no to the extra-stinky wet food (her stained beard is proof of that).

Yesterday she did follow me outside and wanted to run around a bit…then promptly came inside, felt macho and tried going back upstairs to the bedroom before her back legs gave out on her and then she fell down alllll the steps to the bottom.  I’m sure she’s extra special sore today from that tumble.

Our vet is currently out for a hip-replacement or I’d take her in this time to make sure it’s not worse than normal and that she didn’t hurt anything with her acrobatics.  L says I worry too much.  I probably do.  She doesn’t whine or favor any spots more than normal though and no swelling.  Thank goodness for her low center of gravity.

No matter how poorly she feels, she can’t resist sneaking in a few licks when a hand approaches.  🙂  (The licks say her temperature has gone down since yesterday, so yay!)


In happier news, I received shipping notifications today!

Yes there is a “s” on that.  Yes, that left me totally confused.

I ordered a frame for some cross-stitch I’m finally going to start.  It’s going to take me a decade at least.  I’m going to have a nice frame while I suffer through it.  I love cross-stitch.  I love this pattern.  I’m realistic when I say I’ll probably never, ever finish it.  My mom bought it for me and I’m pretty sure she did it to torture me.  I bought the aida cloth and at 22 count, I still needed a 30×36 piece.  I also had to buy like 50 bucks worth of floss in 90 colors.  It’s going to take foreverrr.

The frame is expected to be here Wednesday.  I’ll believe that when I see it.

The other package, well, I didn’t order it.

I do get notifications when any delivery service is dropping something off at my house.  All of the banking is also associated with my email, so I got that email today too.

L ordered something.

I’ve laughed for hours.

He doesn’t generally shop and there’s a reason why.

This.  This is what is being delivered to my house soon:


I’m not exactly sure where we’re going to hang a T-Rex trophy head or why…but I guess we’ll find a place.  He’s volunteered the hallway beside of my bathroom — I’m tentatively okay with that, so long as it fits and the teeth don’t snag my hair when I’m making a mad dash for the toilet.  It would be beside of his Hawaii poster and I think that’s where Jurassic Park was filmed?

The in-laws are due to arrive in three or four days.  There is not enough time to prepare.  Halp.

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