March? Already?!

I can’t believe it’s March already!

I feel like I’m slooowly clawing along with this scarf instead of actually making progress with it like I should.   I just finished Chapter 2 last night:


I really am enjoying it though.  I think the real issue is crochet has spoiled me and double knit will always be slow no matter what I do just because of all the fiddling with the yarn.  I love the result, so all that fiddling is worth it!

I think with the next double knit project I’ll play more with the ends and get a cleaner finish.  For this one I’m just knitting the two together so they’re not flapping in the wind; it works with the zany nature of this scarf so I’m fine with it.

Today being the first day of March, it’s time for the next BOM I did for my friend’s challenge!  Again, the pattern was a FatCat one I collected last year when she was releasing it for free.  I’m so bad about collecting these things then making them the next year after I make sure I have the whole set.  Nothing is more frustrating than missing a block!   …or being stingy and having to pay for it when you know you could have had it for free!


I also released my next Skill Builder block.  It’s a Log Cabin this month.  Hopefully the write up made sense; I was going through migraine blackouts when I wrote it and my proof-reader flaked a bit on me this time.  Oh well, such is life. 🙂


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