Dog update

The little one ended up getting sicker before she got better.

As a matter of fact, if you’re squeamish, I’d run for the hills right now and skip the next row of text.

The poor little thing ended up spewing a hot stream of blood, pure red blood, the next time she wanted to go outside.  NO idea where it came from.

Welcome back, squeamish stomachs!

Needless to say, she was taken to her backup vet.  He doesn’t have the best bedside manner and usually makes me feel like the shittiest pet owner ever, like I did something to make her fall ill, so we don’t go there unless we absolutely have to.  He was very true to form this visit.

She had a slight temperature, her white count was slightly off, her back was a little sore causing her to be a little limp…and that was absolutely the only problems he could find wrong with her besides the issue that we brought her in for.

He thought it was lyme like I did and gave me a big old lecture on ticks even though I keep her on medicine for tick prevention.  He even ran a lyme panel; it came back that she had antibodies for it, which would make sense since she has had it, but they barely registered and didn’t get even near the color of the control so she wasn’t fighting an active infection.

Then the vet started being nice.  He ran a whole bunch of additional tests and blood work and couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with her, even though she was visibly ill.  Our appointment was over an hour before closing and he was still checking her out well after the hospital had closed.

He ended up giving her some medication to treat the symptoms that we brought her there over and put her on an antibiotic and a bland diet (trust me, she’s LOVING this — chicken and rice for life in her mind!) until she’s off the medicine.

He even called first thing the next morning to check on her because he was so confounded over not being able to figure out her out.  He had her full blood work results back and nothing on it explained why she was sick either.  She does have low thyroid so is now on medicine for that as well.

The good news is that she’s feeling pretty much back to normal now.  The bad news is I don’t think I’ll ever be able to convince her that treat-covered medicine twice a day followed by “bland diet” meals aren’t going to be a forever thing.  She’s already taken to licking an empty bowl pathetically when she’s hungry instead of eating out of the other dog’s bowl (he’s still getting the same food she normally eats).



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