Oh, hail.

Today was another dreary, rainy day here.

We’re drowning in water.  We’re so saturated that we’re having to have our drop line for our cable (internet, we don’t use it for anything else) replaced because the signal is dying a horrible death every time it rains.  It’s not pretty.

This is what the yard looks like right now:


That’s the front yard, where it’s normally dry as a bone.  I honestly think I could kayak in my backyard right now.

The white stuff in the yard isn’t some cute little woodruff or clover either, we had a raging thunderstorm that dumped up to quarter sized hail on us this afternoon.


That’s our back deck with the door wide open.  The deluge overwhelmed our gutters and it was dumping rain like a sheet of water.  I had some of my indoor plants out sunning on our little patio table and they got battered because the storm hit out of nowhere, but I’m sure they’ll recover quickly enough.

Rainy days are good for two things though:  cooking and crafting!

One of my cousins is a north-south half-breed; her father lives way up in Plattsburgh and her mom is one of my cousins in Virginia…and this cousin now lives in Georgia with one of my husband’s best friends — funny how things work, they met at our wedding. 😛  This week, she finally got her grubby little paws on her grandmother’s top secret Michigan recipe…and bless her pea-pickin’ heart, she shared it with her southern (technically Appalachian – “latchun”, not “layshun”) cousin that turned traitor and moved north:  me!  😀  I guess she knew I’d appreciate it and I’d keep the recipe locked up safe and warm.  Plus, I can generally cook.


That’s a pot of the delicious Michigan sauce!  We, unfortunately, couldn’t find any red hots locally, but I’ll nab some next time we’re in the north country and ferret them back down here.  Hot dogs are good, but they’re just not red hots.

I’m going to freeze the left overs in ice-cube trays and that way we can have individual hot dog serving sizes when we want it.  L is a bit obsessed with hot dogs.

To prove that hot dogs point: L begged for them this week.  Pleaded for hot dogs.  He wanted them soooo badly.  Specifically, he wanted hot dogs on Wednesday. Today.

His work had “Hot Dog Day” today.

He loves them so much that he wanted to cheat the system and have them twice in one day.

Actually, the real pisser about Hot Dog Day was that he volunteered ME, not him, but ME to make potato salad for said party at his work.  He told everybody that I’m southern, so I make a potato salad that’s worth eating — not the crap in the stores like you find here — so I’d make enough potato salad for everybody as his contribution.

If you made a food contribution, you didn’t have to buy your hot dogs.

So I had to make potato salad for TWENTY (!!!) people…so he didn’t have to pay ONE DOLLAR for a hot dog KNOWING that we were having hot dogs for dinner tonight.

I meal plan a week in advance.  He KNEW.  He PLANNED this.

He’s an asshat.

Is it too late for a divorce?

The guy that married us – in a bit irony, the guy that married us is the same guy that my cousin is living with now – said he’d claim the marriage never happened and L forged his signature at any point so long as I’d make him a tasty ham sandwich.  I always have an out!  ;P

Happily, the potato salad apparently went over well.  L said there was so much food that they’re having hot dog day again tomorrow but without potato salad because there is no more.  Logan said that one guy came back for thirds calling it the “pure essence of what potato salad should be” and that then a loosely vegan guy even ended up eating it because everybody else wouldn’t shut up about it?  I’m pretty sure they’re all insane where he works…not just the physicists that think there are werewolves on the lower level.

Since dinner was a slow cooker kind of day and it was too rainy to do anything else, I got to craft!  Hooray!

I finished Chapter 4 of the scarf knitting RPG.  Finally, right?!


Now I get to invert all the charts and make my way down the other side to finish the adventure.  Officially half way done!

I also sewed some quilt blocks for my Skill Builder.  I was tired (L woke up at 4:30, so I woke up at 4:30) and inverted the green and purple, but I’m the only one that will know that outside of my group.  I’ll just have to fix the images when I do the write-up so the others don’t do the same.  There’s no way I’m cutting out that many templates and resewing that many inset seams just to fix a swapped color on a sampler quilt.  Nope and nope.  😛


Does anybody know the proper name of that quilt block?

I just threw it up in EQ7 when I was doing the quilt and needed something to really hammer Y-seams home…and lovingly named it “Hellspawn” at the time.  I don’t do a lot of flower-type of blocks, so I’m not familiar with what it would be called or something similar that I could call it a variation of such-and-such.  😛

Finally, in fun news!

Kamelot is coming to the U.S.!!!

I’ve enjoyed them for years, but since Tommy Karevik took over as vocalist.  Mmm, drool worthy.  So far, just two dates have been announced but one is in the City (the other is in Cali), so I guess I’m sucked into going there again.

It’s like a black hole.  I never seem to be able to escape New York City or Atlanta.  Every year, I get sucked back into both, mostly for concerts.  At least I’ve never lived in NYC (and living in Atlanta for a little over a year was waaay more than enough for me!); it’s exhausting just to visit for an event.  Fun…but exhausting.

There’s no way L will let me wait until Kamelot announces other cities and tour dates before buying tickets though; we don’t normally get too many things near us.  They’re one of his big three bands.  If one of our big three comes stateside, we go see them regardless of where we have to go.  We went to Atlanta to see mine.  We’ve been to Birmingham to see one of his.

…and someday, we’re going to end up on an international flight to see a band.  It’s a sinking gut feeling I have. 😛


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