The cable guys came by and maybe fixed our internet today.

We’ll find out when it rains.

They ran new cable through the house.

…then out of the house to the nearest hookup.

…then the guy had to call in a bucket truck because when he went to patch it in there, the cable was black and rotted, so they had to run more to the telephone pole forever away.

It was a bit of a saga and we ended up playing with our pole chainsaw while they were here to clear tree branches out of the way.  Just in case.  😀  Gotta love power tools!

As a bit of hilarity, the cable guy openly admitted he uses the rival telecom as his ISP.  I’m jealous; we don’t have their services here.

The guy also had a gold tooth.  It was incredibly fascinating.  Almost as fascinating as the weird chick I was behind in the grocery store after a metal show that had clip in metal fangs.  …but this guy’s tooth was definitely a permanent thing.  I didn’t know gold teeth were still a “thing”.   >_>;   He was definitely around my age, possibly younger, unless I’m horrible at judging ages now.

Also, bunnies!

We’ve dubbed these two Hazel and Fiver, from Watership Down…we’re lazy and always name the pairs Hazel and Fiver, though.  The one by the tree is probably a female, but I always thought Hazel as being more of a girl’s name anyway, so there’s that. 😛

A few years ago, we had a litter in a bunch of hosta by an old stump.  I do hope that happens again.  There are few things more fun than watching a whole bunch of baby bunnies play in your backyard every morning.   😀

These two aren’t very afraid of us; none of the rabbits have ever been too startled by us and the one last year would even play with our little dog, Mitzi.  The one by the tree is a little more fidgety than the larger one, but s/he is hanging out more in the open every day now and doesn’t run when I go outside or get near.  The bigger one isn’t scared at all and invited himself right up onto the deck a few days ago to hang out and sun.

Thankfully, our dogs don’t chase the rabbits…only the pesky squirrels that steal food from the bird feeders.

Having the wild rabbits around is also bittersweet.  It really, really makes me miss having pet rabbits.  I’ve had three (Logan has had them as well — he loves rabbits to the point his childhood stuffy is “Brown Bunny”).

When I was in 1st grade, I bought a little blue rabbit I named Bluebell.  She had the absolute worst attitude and would fight with my iguana all the time.  She lived until I was in 10th grade.  I’m pretty sure pure sass kept her alive.

When I went to college, my 4th roommate and I somehow lucked out and landed the best RAs imaginable.  We ended up being friends with them and they let us break just about every rule possible, including the “no pets in your dorm” rule.  Sooooo, of course, we had a pet hamster, a pet rat, about a billion fish, and the sweetest rabbit you could imagine.

He was a lionhead named Chester.  The female RA would actually take him to hall meetings and the male RA would hang out in our room just to hold the rabbit — once when the cops investigated our dorm, the RA was in our room with the rabbit hidden in his shirt.  Oops?


I miss Chester.  He used to go wild for blueberries, especially blueberry yogurt chips, and he’d even lick blueberry chapstick off your lips.

I also rescued a little rabbit named Rosalyn as I was leaving college.  I saw her in a pet store when I stopped to get some feeder shrimp and the owner had them in a cage too large for them and her foot had been twisted in the cage wires, so she was always bit lame.  The kits were WAY too young to be away from their mother, so ended up taking her home.

My mom ended up bonding with Rosy and fed her with an eye dropper until she ended up huge.

Unfortunately, we lived in a rough area for critters.  Ultimately, a bear ended up breaking open the rabbit hutch a few years later and both Chester and Rosalyn “escaped”.  I found Rosy’s body about a week later near the house but never did find any sign of Chester.  I choose to believe he’s still running wild in the fields. >_>;


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