“Stitched Roots”

It took me forever to name my blog (and business if I ever decide to launch one).  It all really does begin with a stitch in my life.  My roots are in stitching.  Cross-stitch, crochet, knit, sewing, quilting, embroidery…

The first stitches I ever did as a child were cross-stitch.

My Mom was really into needlepoint at the time and I wanted to do something like it.  I was quickly unsatisfied with the yarn stitching boards and stamped projects little kids are usually given and I think my first real counted “project” was a bookmark?  Or maybe the MOM magnet with some ducks that still hangs on her refrigerator.

I still love love cross-stitch, though I haven’t done many projects lately.

The last one I finished was a sunflower coaster for one Mom’s husband’s kids.

…and I’m still slogging through cross-stitching on a Tunisian crochet afghan.  It’s taking forever but only because I’m picky about how the back looks.


I was bad and bought one yesterday though.  Logan saw it and had a little bit of a fan boy moment with it — he’s really in to steampunk right now.

I’m going to hate myself for the 58 shades of browns this thing has but I do love how it looks!

Guess I’ll start this one when I start to go cross-eyed from my 22-ct HAED I’m gearing up to start.  No worries, that one is actually on my white board of doom!  I’m being good and sticking to it!  ….somehow.  😛




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