Little wonky

I’ve had a bit of an odd day in the craft room.

I melted color right off of some fabric.

I don’t even know how I managed it since it’s supposedly cotton that I had prewashed (which I don’t normally do, but did this time since it was bright red).

This is the side of my ironing board after I hit the sticky iron with some Iron Off to get the gunk off.


Yuck!  Time to give the cover a good washing too.  =/

Ironing now out of the question, I decided it was time to make a needle minder.  I scored a covered button kit for a quarter at a discount store a few weeks back for this purpose and just haven’t had time with everything else.

…I’ll never get into the covered-button business.

Simply snap the back in place?  My foot!

I ended up having to use a wooden spool and a hammer to bash the thing in there.  If I hadn’t removed the shank to glue in a magnet, I would have destroyed the button.  I swear I’m not normally this inept.

…but the button was made, albeit wonky and well hammered.  Now I just need a big enough magnet; the only neodymium ones I have are about 1/4″ and I’d like something much larger.


I did at least do one thing right, I finished putting the green sashing and border on the gnome quilt.  It calls for second round of border but I’m not quite sure I want to add one or what color to do if I did.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

(ignore the lopsided gnome on the bottom, middle…I’m going to try fixing him if there’s enough play in the seams…if not, he stays wonky)


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