A few crafty things

I’m still working on the lace shawl.


I’m a painfully slow knitter.  I’m lucky if I can get two rows done per day…I have trouble sitting still right now.  I finally understand the phrase “ants in your pants” — I absolutely feel like that lately.

I was also playing a dangerous game of bead chicken (I’ve already used over 1,000 of them).


I currently have 491 stitches on the needles and 52 rows left over three charts.  I already know I’ve lost the bead game.  I ordered some more yesterday and anxiously await their arrival.

The good news is I still love the pattern.  I’ve had zero problems with it (other than having to frog once or twice because I made mistakes) and I already want to make another pattern by the same designer because of that.  I even ordered two packs of beads so I’d have them on hand when that urge is overwhelming.  I don’t think I’ll have problem finding two skeins of yarn in my stash.  ^_^;

I’m also very easily distracted.

One of my friends gifted me a pattern and it gave me some proper distraction and entertainment for about an hour.  It was a super quick sew and I couldn’t resist making a Magikarp hat.


I’ve been feeling very much like a Magikarp lately.  I mean, who on earth ever actually had one on their team and leveled it to a Gyarados?   Nobody.  We all used candy to fatten it up and turn it into something useful.

I’ve been pretty bummed, overwhelmed, and stressed to the gills lately.  There’s a whole variety of reasons that I don’t really feel would be cathartic to ramble on about at this point so I’ll leave at this: I’m stuck at an impasse with myself over two very important decisions and there are no good answers.  I’ve been unable to make any progress slogging through and standing at the crossroads isn’t working either.

It’s really unlocking my hateful, snarky side.  I have the sudden urge to embroider all sorts of things and strew them about the house to prove my point.  I saw this hilarious example the other day (so not my photo or my craft — I’ll have to get better about documenting where I find things) and it spoke to me.


I think I need a few projects like that in my life right now…


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