I’ve turned into one of those people.

I never understood bird watching until we lived here in bird central.  Our backyard has such a crazy amount of diversity when it comes to birds that it blows my mind.

I mean, there were a lot of birds where I grew up too, but I don’t remember anything like this.   …and I even helped count a hawk migration once.

Today our Flycatchers were causing a bit of a raucous, so I peeked outside to see what they were up to.  They’re quite the loud and territorial lot right now.

I was rewarded with what can only be described as a gang fight on my deck.  If only they had fingers to snap…

I’ve learned my lesson and keep my camera near at hand and managed to get a few photos of the birds they were ganging up against because I had no idea what it was that had angered them so much.

I think we have a new friend in the neighborhood!


It’s not the best photo, as it’s after they scattered and this one was hiding in a tree, but I *think* it may be a Northern Flicker!  I have a few other, blurrier, photos that also seem to corroborate that guess based on patterning and colors.  This photo showed the most — the chest plumage, the bit of red on the head, the yellow-shafted variation peeking through at the wings.  The call sounds right too based on what’s on Audubon…they certainly were making a lot of noise too.


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