Wrong side of the bed…and a L rant.

Color me grumpy today.

Isn’t it weird how even though you can go to bed perfectly fine and happy but wake up a total bear?

I think I’m just stressed.


In happier news, I was brilliant and gave L a game for his birthday last week.  I want to thank my past self for that a thousand times.

As a bit of background, since we’ve been together, he’s not wanted to play any one player games.  Which was kind of cute at first…but it’s a really frustrating 10 years later.  I also like gaming and there are a lot of fantastic one-player games.  If the story is good enough…and if he quits playing bumble-bee cam to the point of making me motion sick…I don’t mind swapping out and beating a game together.  I really miss Link and Kratos. 😦

But he always, always, ALWAYS wants to be a team…and not just with games.

If I get dressed first, he finds a matching outfit to wear.  If my medicine is hitting and I zonk out, he wants to go to bed too.  If I go wash dishes or laundry, I turn around and slam into him because he’s ninjaed into the room behind me while the water was running.  He’s not actually being helpful or contributing, he’s just there because I’m there….which drives me INSANE.

It’s not even the annoyance of having somebody literally right behind you, it’s also a safety thing.

When does he always want a hug?  When I’m holding a super sharp knife chopping  food or cooking at a hot stove.  My arm is scarred from my iron because he’s jostled me into it while looking over my shoulder.  I’ve cut my finger to the bone while dicing vegetables because he’s bumped my elbow.  I’ve had burn blisters on my hands from not being able to get away from the broiler or popping pans because I couldn’t jerk my arm back because he was there blocking it.  I’ve sewed through a fingernail (thank goodness I have long nails and it wasn’t a finger!) because of he’s knocked into my chair.  I know it seems like a lot of blame and I know I’m doofy, but that’s a lot of “accidents” involving somebody else.

I’ve fallen down the stairs, had a concussion, broken my nose, had black eyes, and other weird stuff all because of bizarre “L is nearby” accidents.  It sounds crazy because it is.

Then there’s the super rare occasions that I somehow leave a room and he doesn’t notice; he actually panics and runs through the house screaming for me, like I’ve completely disappeared from the planet.

I guess it’s good that he always wants to be up my butt but there’s no alone time.  No sanity time.  No breathing space.

Back to the point!

I got him a one player game:  Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

He’s obsessed with Berserk and loves Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi play style (both great two player fighting games, so we play a lot of them)…and there’s an end eventually so I don’t have to monitor his playing.  Win/win!

Again, what does it matter?

I got to knit on Friday while we were waiting for the electrician to come by!


It’s not a whole lot of progress (I had up to the dark band with the light squiggle all across it, above the paw prints), but it’s enough to make me happy.  I hadn’t been able to work on this RPG scarf in about a month.

I was also able to finish rewatching Claymore!  While knitting!

AND I finished our federal tax return yesterday!  We get our information really late…though early this year, usually it doesn’t show up until about the Friday before they’re actually due to be filed so this is a bit luxurious.

Normally I wouldn’t have been able to do any of those things when L is home.

This Berserk game is going to save my sanity for a little bit.  ❤

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