My babies: Mitzi


Hi, my name is: Mitzi
My age is: 10 years
My nickname is: Moo Moo, Migadungus, Little Queen, Miss, Migadees

My favorite human food is: chicken!
My biggest fear is : Being left alone. Mama can’t leave me, even if somebody else is with me
My favorite things to do are: Bark at everything and boss all the other critters around
Favorite toy: If it squeaks, I’mma kill it
Where do I sleep : Wherever I damn well please. The best place is on the bed between my humans
Do I love car rides: Only if I can ride in a lap
My job: Bark at everything and try to desperately eat food before anybody else can
Fun fact: I weigh 12 pounds but tried to take on a Great Dane at the vet…and won

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