Long weekend, etc.

I decided a while back that life was all about the little things. Grand gestures and fun vacations are nice and all but, really, the daily nitty gritty is what makes and breaks us.

I ended up with a migraine the weekend I was supposed to meet up with my guy. A horrible, multiple day, migraine. It also rained and since he didn’t know the area well yet, we decided to postpone.

Instead, he spent Labor Day here with me!

I had no idea how much I needed that visit – it was our first extended amount of time together and it kinda blew my mind. I purposely didn’t want to do anything extraordinary or unusual, so we spent Sunday a walking around a wetlands preserve and ate out (the first time I have since Covid!) and stayed in the rest of the weekend doing a while lot of nothing.

There has been such a lack of little gestures in my life for the past decade that I was honestly shocked when I sniffled and he came to check on me to make sure I was okay and not crying (I wasn’t, I just get congested before a migraine so knew to take some preventative). Or when he just absent mindedly picked up my foot to rub it when we’d sit on the couch together browsing our phones. Or that he cleaned the table after a meal. Or fixed the door that’s been giving me problems for months, without me having to ask. He even opened my jar of pickles! Instead of me having to beg him to play with the dogs, he was on the floor wrestling with them.

…and speaking of dogs, Mitzi hates everybody but Mom and I. She tolerates the husband and her groomer but has no hesitations getting angry with either of them. Everybody else, she avoids and barks at. Nonstop. For days if she has to. Not him. He didn’t even make it to the kitchen after coming inside his first night here before she was asking to be picked up. She went totally loopy and in love with him and wanted cuddles and licks all weekend. It did my heart so much good.

Hubs took the puppy Sprocket with him to visit his family. Hubs wrecked the car and the dog peed on him. Sprocket didn’t really care for my father in law and bit him in the butt without warning. When they went for a run and encountered some stray dogs, the puppy slipped his collar and took off like Lassie to howl at somebody for help…totally abandoning hubs to his destiny. The pup was also terrified of our 6 month old niece. I’ve been highly amused with his antics and miss the little Muppet.

All in all, I’ve had the best week I’ve had in as long as I can remember. It’s quiet and relaxing and my stress and anxiety are nonexistent. While the guy was here I didn’t even have any nightmares. Hubs said he’s not heard me sound so calm in decades…and is volunteering more weekends away so the guy can visit again. This whole situation is so bizarre but it seems to be working for now.

So until next time, a simple quizzy thing I stole from a Facebook friend!

Ok 40 odd things about me . . . Please play along! I love reading them. 😃

  1. Do you put ketchup on hot dogs? Yes
  2. Choice of soda? Coke
  3. Do you put salt on your watermelon? Yes
  4. Can you swim? Yes
  5. Hot dogs or burgers? Burger
  6. Favorite food? Pickles, peaches, country…don’t make me choose!
  7. Do you believe in ghosts? Nope
  8. What do you drink in the morning? Water or sometimes juice
  9. Can you do 100 push ups? Not unless wall pushyos count…
  10. Summer, Winter, Spring, or fall? Fall
  11. Your favorite Pet? Right now probably the kitten Fossey. She’s a hoot.
  12. Tattoos? None
  13. Do you wear glasses? Yes
  14. Do you have a phobia? Closest to having one is ticks
  15. Do you have a nickname? A few, yes
  16. Three favorite animals? Mitzi, Joule, and Fossey if we want to be very specific. Cats, octopuses, and alpacas if not.
  17. Biggest downfall? I’m crazy shy
  18. Rain or Snow? Both! Snow is great though
  19. Can you change a tire? Yes
  20. Favorite flower? Lilac
  21. Can you drive a stick? Yes
  22. Ever gone sky diving? Yups
  23. Kids? None
  24. Favorite color? Green
  25. Favorite movie? Nightmare Before Christmas
  26. Can you whistle? Yes
  27. Where were you born?West Virginiaaaa
  28. Siblings? One biological, deceased. Four steps-siblings – 1 never met. 2 only met at our parents’ wedding. 3 haven’t talked to since she turned 18. 4 I like pretty darn well and enjoy seeing him when I’m in town.
  29. Surgeries? A few, all to remove misbehaving body parts
  30. Shower or bath? Bath!!!
  31. Last song you heard? Tokyo by Paul Oakenfold
  32. Broken bones? Nothing major
  33. How many TV’s in your home? Zero
  34. Worst pain? Dying ovary
  35. Do you like to sing? No
  36. Are your parents still alive? My mom is
  37. Do you like camping? Sometimes
  38. What do you binge watch? RuPaul’s Drag Race
  39. Pumpkin or pecan pie? Pecan
  40. A photo of yourself…


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