Ugh, you guys.

Some of you are horrible, terrible, no good, very bad influences.

I’ve ordered yarn to make an Arachne sweater — going with purple and green.  I’ve loved it since I first saw it…and it’s making my fingers itch seeing so many of them come together.

The yarn won’t be here for a while so I doubt I’ll be joining the KAL but I just COULDN’T resist any longer.  Ugh.

Not sure I’ll have time to do it right now anyway, but it’s forcing it onto my list of fun stuff.  I have another order for masks (just two this time, whew!) and four baby quilts in the queue.  I’ve got a lot to do and not much time to do it in.

…but first, gonna try to get my toon to level 40 so I can unlock a sweet mount to ride around.  Priorities, right?


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