Weird day

L told me today that we were out of food for the big dogs.  I placed a Chewy order less than a week and he assured me that all of the animals but the puppy had plenty of food.

Head desk.  So much head desk.

So I placed a pick up order from Target for the puppos.  I threw some Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle and Barbecue Pop Chips in for myself.  Call it a treat for all the bother.

It was so weird being out.  I hadn’t really since NY went on official shut down almost a week ago.  Target didn’t even have music playing.  So weird.

Since the last post, L has turned 34.  It’s now after midnight so my bestest best friend’s birthday is today.  There has been lots of not partying in lockdown!

…and internet shopping.

Y’all.  I stay at home all the time but for some reason having hubby here has me stress shopping.  To the point mystery packages are showing up that I didn’t remember ordering.  Night me is really awesome to day me.

I’m looking for a new dining room table now. I feel like I should be walking around waving cash.  L has broken FOUR of our dining chairs since working from home. x.x

I’m not sure I’m going to survive this.

So! A short little game to distract me for a minute or two (*edit*  OR TWENTY. Brain farts are real.) Stolen from a friend on Facebook.

Let’s do something fun!!

You’re in lockdown. The only food you have to survive on are items starting with the letters of your name. What is keeping you alive?

A – Apples, Honeycrisp to be exact

M – Margaritas

B – Biscuits (US Southern style with country gravy…because there’s no other way to eat a biscuit in my world)

E – Eggs

R – Ribeye steaks

Yummy! I’ll survive!

Give it a shot!!😊

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