Why would anybody want a puppy?!

You will have zero personal space


Or privacy

Sleeping alone will be a thing of the past


Nothing is safe


Especially shoes


It’s a good thing they’re so damn cute and cuddly.


*Super awesome bonus: Your house could become infested with fluffy sharks*.


*Pearl clutchers need not worry about the pup’s safety. Our 11 year old, Thorin, is super gentle with other animals. But he’s getting old, has sore hips, and sometimes wants a break from playing with the puppy. Sprocket knows he’s a total pushover, even when he is showing off his awesome, grown-up teeth. Sprocket, the blur, was merrily licking Thor in the mouth at the time of the photo. The no personal space applies to everything here…


…except the cats. Sprocket still hides under his bed when the cats are prowling. 😹


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