Hello, insomnia, my old friend

One really nice thing about having a hyperactive puppy is I’ve been sleeping like the dead all week. Alas, not the case tonight.

It also has the unfortunate side effect of waking up the little buddy. I have no clue how my husband could sleep through all the noise, but my solution was to throw the puppy into bed to get him to go back to sleep. He learned, very quickly, that the human bed is the best for naps.


He had his big vet checkup yesterday. Our vet was very impressed with his behavior and how docile and friendly  he was – tail wagging, licked the vet through the whole thing, even the shots. I suspect it’s because Sprocket saw the cat in the waiting room.


For some reason, Sprocket is TERRIFIED of cats. He won’t even look at them, even though our three have mostly ignored him and generally love dogs. Tesla and Joule are both still avoiding contact with him…but Sagan is curious and likes to snuggle in my lap during the day, which is where the pup also wants to be. It’s making things a bit interesting and forcing a new, all dog, all the time, perspective on my world.



He’s 20 pounds now, knows several basic tricks, and is almost finished house training. If I could train my husband to recognize the puppy’s pee signs, he’d be done completely – he only pottys outside during the day and can make it through the night…but in the few hours hubs watches him, he goes at least twice on his training pads (by evening, pup is tired from rough housing all day and wants to pee after waking from every nap…it shouldn’t be that hard!) Ugh. We’ll get there.

With hubs, I mean. Sprocket has been great.



2 thoughts on “Hello, insomnia, my old friend

  1. Oh I am well acquainted with insomnia. I hope you make up for your missing sleep over the weekend.
    My husband wasn’t great with puppy housebreaking either. I think they just aren’t good at Reading body language. Myles treats my husband and I very differently when he wants to go out. He’ll just look at me and look towards the door and I know exactly what he’s asking for. He’ll run back and forth to the door to get my husband’s attention and even then he might have to poke him to get him to understand. The same thing happens with food. Myles knows he eats dinner after us but he reminds my husband if he’s the one in the kitchen. With me he just sits and stares until I fill his dish. Good luck training your husband:)

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    • Hahaha, I’ll need all the luck I can get on that front! Both of the older dogs are extremely vocal and have distinct ways of asking for different things. They also know a bunch of basic words so if I can’t figure it out, I just run down the list of things they usually want and they react when they hear it: out (just to run around and bark at stuff), potty, play tug (inside playtime with a human), food, treat (they also know the word Pupperoni and boy does that one get them excited!), ride, brush, and loves. The dogs are 11 and 9. Hubs still hasn’t figured it out.

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