Calm day

Sprocket is being a calm baby today so I actually had time to do things.

I vacuumed!

I washed dishes!

I ate a hot lunch!

For the first time since we’ve had him!


Ignore the fact that my finger is absolutely in the photo. ^_^;

Since hubs is hellbent on Sprocket being HIS buddy forever, I’ve been taking a hands off approach when he’s home. The pup bonded pretty hard with me at first because I’ve been the one here when he’s awake. Sprocket sleeps through the night now, which I’m incredibly happy about.

Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, hubs complained he hadn’t had time to do anything he wanted to do this weekend because he had to keep such a close eye on the puppy. YUP! Sprocket still managed to get my book off the dining table and eat it under his watch though…

We did have a night out to go see Trevor Noah’s comedy show. It was a fun and nice to have a bit of a break.

And since my last post I did something incredibly adult-like. I established with a primary care doctor. Of course I had a panic attack while there BUT unlike the last doctor who said it was asthma because I’m fat, this doctor recognized it for what it was…and she started me on some medicine to help control my epic anxiety. So far no side effects but dry mouth and I can live with that.


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