Bit of knitting

Look at me, finally getting in a bit of knitting!


This cowl was started as a large triangle and it kind of self binds off as the joined corners fill in to form the full rectangle.  I’m not super in love with the way it looks when reducing but considering it’s my first brioche project, I’m still mostly okay with it.  You have to start somewhere and I’ve decided I do like brioche quite a lot (IT’S SO SQUISHY!!!) and have another pattern for a much more interesting shawl, the Tourist Shawl on Ravelry, that I’d like to try in the near future.  All is not lost. =)

As for other stuff: the house is completely sanitized now.  We’re ready to bring home Sprocket on Friday!  We call that morning to set up an appointment to get him — he’s still on some medications and they just want to walk us through the rest of his care.  Apparently parvo can be contagious for 6 weeks after symptoms so we have our work cut out for us…but still excited!

I also received a neat little package from Germany today!

Back in September, hubs and I went to our favorite music festival.  We really like to support the bands we enjoy, which explains why most of both of our wardrobes are dominated by black band t-shirts.  The progressive metal band, Tomorrow’s Eve, didn’t have any merch as it all got caught up in our ridiculous customs.  The band was fantastic, though.

“Give us your address and we’ll send you something!”

I figured they’d forgotten or weren’t serious, but guess what showed up today!


I’m super stoked ’cause that’s actually a long sleeve shirt and a size both hubs and I can wear.  It’ll be great for some of our cold weather concerts!

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