I feel like I’ve had a bit of a crazy week and it’s really not that far along!

Two doctor appointments, car scheduled maintenance, prepping for Sprocket’s arrival, went through my closet and donated a HUGE box of old clothes, got hubs fitted for a tux for an upcoming wedding, lost my pocket money gig (they’re closing, it wasn’t me!)….on and on and on.

My neuro wants me to try a different magnesium supplement for migraines.  The last time I was on magnesium, it was a miserable experience and I’m not expecting this one to be much better; when I looked it up it was all about “Use this when constipated!”  Ugh.

I noticed a mistake in my brioche cowl and had to rip back several rows.  Normally I’d just drop the column and fix it but my brain hasn’t quite figured out how that would work with brioche yet.  I can, however, fix a single dropped stitch now and that’s progress!


It’s not as big as it should be because I really haven’t had much time to work on it and I just had to rip those 8 or so rows.   …and yes, there is a black yarn-over looking thing on the edge…and no I’m not ripping back the rows to fix that one….yet.  I may change my mind the more I stare at it.

This is why I shouldn’t travel while learning to do something new!



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