Snow Day Surprise!

My husband did a thing.  A pretty impulsive thing.

I can’t be mad about it, even though I usually am when he does spontaneous stuff.


Last week my cousin wanted help looking for a dog.  PetFinder knows me far too well.  Even though I was looking for dogs in D.C. for her, it kept suggesting critters in my area at the bottom of the page.

Hubs has always wanted a Husky.  Always.  One popped up and was adorable so I sent it to him with the appropriate “awwwww”.  I live on cute animals — almost all of my Facebook feed is stuff from cat groups — so I thought I was just sharing the cuteness by sending lots of random puppy photos.

Nope.  He was hooked.  He wanted a puppy even though we’ve agreed for YEARS that two dogs were enough.

Hubs applied that night to be able to adopt from the shelter (they’re notoriously difficult to adopt from).  We found out Thursday that we were approved and they invited us to come to their adoption event Saturday.

…but the dog above isn’t a Husky?

Yah, about that.

Before we went, he asked me how he’d know if he should bring a dog home.  Face it, all puppies are cute. My response was pretty vague: You’ll just know.  If the dog is meant to be yours, you’ll know immediately like we did with our other two.  If you have any doubts and unless you feel you can’t live without the dog, walk away.  If you can’t get a certain dog out of your mind later, we can always go back and inquire.

We went to the event and it was INSANE.  So many people were there to look at the dogs before applying.  Hubs was one of the few people that had the magical “Puppy Approved” badge so could hold them…but there were sooo many people there it was hard to even get to the cages to look at them. He thought all the dogs were adorable but didn’t “know” as I’d suggested, so we packed up and went back home.

Then he started getting restless and asked about some of the other dogs I’d sent.  So off we went again, to another shelter that had some Shepherd pups he thought were adorable.

Again, he thought a few were cute and even thought about one little girl but ultimately decided to go home and think on it.  Back home we headed.

…then he got hungry.  When hubs gets hungry, he gets SUPER depressed. It’s really quite sad. Out of desperation, he pulled off at a McDonald’s (yuck) and had some lunch.

“You know…this exit has a PetSmart.  It’s where the SPCA does their adoption events on Saturdays.”

^ That was my stupid ass being helpful.

We head over as it’s starting to snow, thinking it’d be a quick pop in and out.  Hubs walks up and down looking at the crates, passing by a bunch of little wolfy dogs that he typically loves.  Then he stopped dead in his tracks.

“That’s the one!”


There were three siblings all in a row and hubs had fallen in love with the middle boy.  He asked and was told they were all adopted…watched his face drop….EXCEPT Andy.  Dun, dun, dunnnnnn the little guy in the middle!

The “ADOPTED” sticker surely gives the rest of the story away.  We were told that little one was more shy than his brothers so not to expect much but they’d bring him out and let us meet him…and it seemed true — he was just laying there quietly instead of standing at the front of the crate and yipping at people like his siblings. The shelter worker had to draaag him out of the crate.  He wasn’t wagging his tail or acting excited like a typical puppy.

As things have a way of working between us and aloof dogs (Thorin, our big dog, was the same way. He hid at the back of his kennel and would run from people but immediately plopped down on my feet.), Andy defied all of the shelter’s worries and warnings:


They put the puppy on the tarp with hubs.  The puppy sniffed him cautiously…then hopped in his lap and started showering him with kisses.  (I think there was some McDonald’s left in his beard but I didn’t say anything — hubs is a super messy eater.)

If he hadn’t already been in love with the little guy, the deal was sealed.  He sat there for almost an hour playing with the pup and finalized the adoption papers.

The snow had really picked up on the way home and we saw people sliding and doing donuts on the interstate.  It was a bit scary but my car did wonderfully.  I love having AWD!

We’re currently puppy proofing the house.  Most of it is already very pet friendly but ours no longer chew shoes and cords, so we’re working on getting those out of the way.  The puppy comes home later this week, possibly early next week, after he’s been neutered.

To pass the time, Hubs has been staring at the photos and cooing at them. I’ve never, ever seen him this excited about something before.

He thinks he’s going to name the puppy Sprocket.



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