Finally home

Well, that “vacation” was a clusterfuck and a half.

Google Maps says the rough round trip was right at 3,000 miles and 48 hours in the car.

That’s not including all of the additional driving around for all and sundry.

It was exhausting.  I am exhausted.

I -really- do not care to go south for further family visitations or holidays.

…yet we’re going back in March for one of hub’s friend’s weddings.

I’m tired just thinking about it!

But on to the updates:

Gifts seemed well received.

I ended up with an entire gift bag full of chocolate between everybody.

I managed to leave my purse in South Carolina.  Thankfully, it was at one of hub’s friends houses and he said he’d mail it to me. I was lucky and my wallet, keys, and phone were all in my pocket.

…but I did lose the socks I was knitting and the book I was reading with that brain fart.

So I had to buy new supplies on the road, right?

Of course I did!

I grabbed the pattern Miter Might Not and the cheapest yarn Wal-Mart had so I could learn brioche knitting while traveling around.


It probably took me two dozen tries to cast on that puppy, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to join the yarn right by reading the instructions.  I should’ve just went with my gut the first time because it’s what worked in the end.

I don’t really know what I’m planning to do with 2020.  I haven’t thought about it much, as I’ve been far too grumpy, sleep deprived, and stressed out by people.

My uncle did suggest I start a blog (he likes receiving emails from me) but I had to awkwardly laugh that one off.  My rants here aren’t nearly tame enough for family.  Perhaps some day I’ll either clean up the old posts or start a new, safe one to put more generic updates.  The world may never know.

2 thoughts on “Finally home

  1. Sorry your trip was so bad. Hopefully the next one will be fun and stress free:)
    Your brioche looks beautiful. I had a terrible time learning the both times I’ve done it. I highly recommend checking out YouTube. There are excellent videos that helped so much.

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