A hint of progress

I finished the first repeat of the Taimi chart. There  are two more and then finishing. It feels slow but at least it’s moving forward!


I also managed to piece together all of the blocks for the baby quilt yesterday. I should assemble the rows today and get it ready for quilting. I hope.

The sewing machine I was using broke when I started piecing and I had to take it apart and rebuild it. If there’s one thing I’m thankful I can do, it’s knowing how to  fix most of my sewing machines. I cannot imagine the time or money investment required to get somebody else to do it! One of the connections between the flywheel and the arm shaft had worked loose and I think it threw off the timing over…time. Hard to know of there were additional problems since I skip troubleshooting after the basics and just go all in by breaking it completely down. If I’ve already cracked it open, might as well service all of it! It’s cleaned, oiled/greased, reassembled, and working like a champ again.

I then had to bribe one of my cats, Joule, with some scraps and a plastic bag. She stole some of my 2.5″ squares and I was five short yesterday when piecing. D’oh.


She’s not the most effective helper but she’s very enthusiastic about her job. 🙂

I also managed to go to the fabric store and get my grubby hands on some eyelet lace for the pillowcases. It shouldn’t take long to add it. It can wait until I’m done with the hot pink quilting thread.

…but I was horribly naughty and also brought home a yard of some absolutely delicious faux fur. It’s gray and feels heavenly. It’s normally 40 bucks a yard but it was a remnant so I happily snatched it up for 16. Looks like I’ll be making more stuffed animals soon! I’ve wanted to make some fleece ones anyway but the fur is already singing to me. Then again, maybe I should hide it away for clothing… It really does feel that yummy.

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