Do no harm

Well, that last post needed to disappear faster than I anticipated.  Fun times! 😀

Through the years I’ve linked my blog to a few accounts and I started receiving messages through those forums about the content, including one from somebody I know.  Thankfully our association is very limited and they don’t know anybody mentioned in the post…but still.  I was quick to take down that account.  Take no chances!

I did receive some wonderful tidbits of advice and I really appreciate having fresh perspectives and new ways to approach my thoughts. ❤

I still don’t know what to do and probably won’t until I’m forced to make a decision. I do know what I’d like to happen in a dream world but that’s about the extent of it: dreams are just dreams. I’m far too practical to spend my life wishing the impossible.

I would also like to say that I’m amazed at how counter-productive some people can be.  Being hateful, saying there’s something wrong with the person and they need counseling, or saying you went through worse doesn’t help anybody.  Seriously, don’t.

Everybody processes and feels stuff differently. Some things do more harm than healing, even if you think your intentions are in the right place. How would you feel if somebody told you what you’re telling another?

I’m all about delivering harsh realities.  I’m too blunt and lack an empathy chip when it comes to most people…but I’m also a firm believer in compassion.  Think before you speak; there is a time and a place.

Sometimes all a person needs is a safe place to vent.  Sometimes they just need a smile or a hug to know they’re not alone.  Sometimes they just need time to gather their thoughts and muster their courage.  …but they will always need negativity to fuck off.  Who on earth would want more of that nonsense in their life?

Since I’m feeling rather ornery after some of the things said today, I’ll just leave a link to my favorite song to listen to when I’m angry.  It’s pretty apt right now and it always cheers my crass self up.  A fair warning to people who are upset by certain language, this song is sure to offend your sensibilities:

Fucked With an Anchor by my favorite pirate metal group, Alestorm.


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