I had a small order to whip out this week: a lunchbox and two mini wallets.


Nothing major but I’ll admit to stretching out sewing them as long as I could because my in-laws were visiting and I needed an excuse to be away from them.  I don’t mind my mother-in-law, I even enjoy being around her, but my father-in-law is all that I dislike in humanity crammed into one person.

All things considered, it has been a nightmare of a week.  Insults, being belittled, blatant disregard for my home and property…and it all culminated with our poor mailman being bitten in the penis by a dog.

I’m too mentally exhausted to get into the details now but the mailman is okay other than being sore (no punctures, thank goodness), my father-in-law screamed in the face of the USPS supervisor, and the cops ended up getting involved.

Any suggestions on a way to permanently ban my father-in-law from visiting here *ever* again?

I’d prefer a way that doesn’t involve divorcing my husband that never intercedes with his father…but at this rate, that option is starting to look acceptable.




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