Gettin’ Crafty

I finished the scarf for my mom:


She didn’t want it super long, only about 56″ so she could tuck it under her coat and nice and wide so it would cover all of her shoulders.  Mission accomplished!

I also pulled out my serger and had fun finally learning how to use it.  I’ve only had it since Christmas.

I repaired everything around the house that needed repairing in record time and with no cursing.  It was magical.

Then, I made a shirt.

That fit!!!

Again, without cursing.  Normally sewing anything with any stretch leaves me wanting to burn my entire house down.


It was getting late and I was getting tired by the time I finished, so I hadn’t ironed it when Logan held it up for me to photo.  It fits though.  I’m not modeling anything.

I do want to swap my machine over to coverstitch and try that — I did overlocking and blind hemming with it today oooooh! — but for some reason the chainstitch looper kept getting wrapped with thread so I figured I was tired and threading something wrong.

I’ll play with it again tomorrow to see if I can make the coverstitching work, that way the bottom hem won’t want to roll up at all.  🙂

All in all, I’m really happy with my first made for me item.  🙂

Now, I can get back to trying to knit that first pair of socks….I’m almost done with the ribbing, that has to count for something, right?  XD

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