Little sewing

I’ve slowly been making a bit of progress on the scarf I’m knitting, at least I’m approaching the end of the first skein of yarn.  I have the 12 repeats of the pattern memorized so it’s nice and monotonous and I don’t want to work on it anymore.  😛

I’ve taken that disinterest as an excuse to finally find my way back into my sewing room and tidy it up a bit.

It didn’t take long for me to get distracted and sew, which is a really good sign.  I haven’t sewn in over two months, so I whipped up some pillow cases to donate to a local organization that provides goods to families in crisis, specifically foster children.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to break out a sewing machine I’ve never plugged in before, one that belonged to Logan’s grandmother, and see if I can get it going.  It’s a freearm and can do automatic buttonholes, seeing that it’s my youngest machine at only 27 years old.  I need to put a buttonhole in a pair of pants and this seems like the time.  We’ll see if I can find the gumption to freeze my ass off in the basement tomorrow to do it or not.  Thank goodness my Grandmother gave us a really cool heater for Christmas.  It’s going to earn its keep if I do!


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