Decluttering to reclutter?

I didn’t knit any this weekend, so no chance to sneak in an extra medal for the Ravellenics.  I’m still tickled pink that the other scarf will be finished at some point and didn’t end up an Aerial Unwind!  The flash completely destroyed most of the detail, but rest assured, it’s there!


I spent most of the weekend cleaning and culling the house.

I throw things away when I get stressed and I’ve been really stressed for some reason.  I don’t even know why.  Actually, I don’t throw stuff away, I donate it.  I have five boxes of stuff going out for donations.  Woohoo!

Which is fine, because I do have two new things in my house to find room for.

The first is a new food processor!!!

Logan broke my old one.  I destroyed him at a game (Carcassonne) that he thought he was going to win and he didn’t take that so well.  He puts a lot of his ego into games sometimes and did this time, so started beating on the poor table like Donkey Kong.  My old food processor was sitting on the end, waiting for the blade to dry, and BAM!  It fell off and smashed onto the floor.

I was pretty furious; both that he broke an expensive kitchen appliance and that he behaved like such a little brat when he’s an adult.

…so I ordered a new food processor a few weeks ago.  I decided I might as well go big or go home so I wanted this Cuisinart, to be exact.  I had a few Amazon gift cards from different discount programs saved up and set up an alert on Honey (an extension that tracks price changes and lets you set up alerts if it reaches a certain price) so it cost me just under $100, so I can’t complain really.

I certainly can’t complain once it got here.  I’ve loved it!  It knocks the socks off my old one — it’s almost silent, twice the size of my old one, and absolutely batters everything I throw at it.  I made Grandmother’s cheeseball not long ago without thawing the cheese or pre-chopping anything in less than 5 minutes.  My old processor would’ve rocked off the counter trying to cut through cold cream cheese.

The second (hopefully fun) appliance I picked up was a FoodSaver.  One of my friends swears by hers, so I’m really looking forward to trying it.  It hasn’t gotten here yet because it finally just hit my price alert — it was $168 (insane, right?) when I added it to my watchlist and we finally ordered it when it hit my $80 price alert on Friday.  It should arrive Tuesday.

We process a lot of our own meats — we buy in bulk on sale and freeze them for later.  By process I mean we’ll by entire cuts and cut them down to steaks or grind them ourselves; it’s way cheaper that way and we can get exactly what we want and need…even if it is a little extra work or people look at me weird for having a cured ham leg hanging up in the basement.  ;P  We also save a lot of cooked meals for easy dinners.  I also can or freeze a lot of produce when it’s in season, so there’s always something going on here!  🙂

Logan and I are both tired of wasting Ziploc bags and foil with freezing and since you can wash and reuse these and actually microwave or cook in FoodSaver bags we thought this would be a good investment for us.  Fingers crossed!


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